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    I have been buying records for many years now for my collection and never wanting to let good titles and records stay in the store. I always think I will post them for others that don't have my connections and resources, but never have the time and will to list them selling a few here and there.

    Record stores don't need to grade records and personally I don't like to either but understand the need when buying online. Anyway my record store sells records very cheap at common prices of $3.00 - $6.00, and if the records are rare they go outside that. I'm telling you this because I'm just passing records on and not for profit, so don't let my cheap prices have you thinking he's selling $1.00 bargain bin at a 200% profit.

    I'm going to be selling by the box load and not give titles or grading, but the value of the records exceed the price in any market and I'm conservative in grading.

    I'v sold records like this here before and never had any complaint, shipping boxes like this is only about .50 cents a title. 30 records ship for less the $16.00 media mail. I will be shipping on Saturdays only.

    These boxes are not pre-packed and just laid out for a fixed pricing, I can fill many of these.

    Box #1
    $5.00 records x 15 all VG or better $83 shipped

    Box #2
    $5.00 records x 30 all VG or better $166 shipped

    Just for an idea

    IMG_2565.JPG IMG_2563.JPG IMG_2570.JPG
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    With the same principle as my other box lot I started thinking, while they are setup with cheaper records and a larger volume of common titles. How about if I did it with higher dollar records and make the boxes smaller.

    In other words these boxes could have records that even for me in stores here cost more than $5.00 and online can be 10-15-20 dollars and up. Big name artist that are in demand like The Stones, Zep, Pink Floyd, Blues records, Motown, Double LPs. Alman Brothers, The Band, The Doors, Nugent, Skynyrd, Bowie, Clapton, Cream, The Birds. Well I can keep going on and on, some of these artist are in big demand as is the record prices go up.

    Now that said, the focus will be on record that are easily sold for $10 or $15 so this will not be based on me listing a gold mine grading. That would be to hard to do as a Zep II in mint shape can be $25 and up and a mint Layla can be $10, but putting in a VG Zep II can be added to the box.

    I don't sell junk or even have that in my collection, so I will not even put records like that in boxes. My primary wheel house is hard rock, but also Blues, Regga, R&B, Early Pop, Rock-n-Roll, Surf, and a bit of Jazz. These boxes are mixed and selected by me.

    Box #3) Five $10 Records Shipping included Price $57.00

    Box #4) Ten $10 Records Shipping Included Price $110.00

    Box #5) Five $15 Records Shipping included Price $82

    Box #6) Ten $15 Records Shipping included Price $160

    Just for an idea

    IMG_0407.jpg IMG_0408.jpg IMG_0409.jpg IMG_0410.jpg IMG_0411.jpg IMG_0406.jpg
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    I'd like a box #2. How do you like to be paid?

  4. 4-2-7

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    PM sent
  5. 4-2-7

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    You know I have been doing these boxes a long time and 99.9% of the people getting them are very happy with the quality and selections.

    I don't shop online and get all my records at stores here. One of the biggest part of the fun is, is never knowing what you'll find. One record can make your day fun and you didn't even know you wanted it till you see it. It's opportunity buying and it's impossible to know what your looking for or even that it exist till you see it.

    I have found with people who have to do their shopping online they don't get this feeling. They search for what they know of and not what they never heard of. These boxes kind of gets a online shopper the same feeling of not knowing what they will find flipping though a new arrival bin in a store. A great copy of what you need a better one of, a new to you artist you never heard of, a song you remember but forgot about and didn't know who did it.
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  6. Fran604g

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    That's exactly my thought. Whenever I shop for records I slip into the habit of looking for something familiar. That kinda defeats the purpose of the adventure. :)

    PM sent.

  7. Ernie

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    You are testing me, aren't you. Despite your temptation, I'm still standing strong.

    Folks, I have received some records from Dan, and he is as fussy as I am, and generous to a fault. If I were in a 'buying' mood, there would be two or three #6 boxes headed my way.
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    Your on my ignore list for sales, nothing for you my friend;)
  9. Ernie

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    Thanks for having my back.
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  10. Fran604g

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    Dan, I just got home with my surprise box, and I can see why you have so many ardent fans! Many great familiar and semi-familiar titles, a bunch of great looking "new" (to me) titles, and the bonus classical records you tossed in for free, too!


    Thank you,
  11. 4-2-7

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    Thanks Fran for the kind words and support, let me know if you ever need anything.

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