A Cable So Good You Don’t Even Realize It’s So Good!

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    I wanted to share a brief review on a fantastic audio product I’ve had for about a decade now.. I’ve had so many audio toys over the years that did not live up to their promise, that failed along the way or just out and out stunk. And then there is one that just keeps working and sounding great.

    These are the Unity Audio Solid Link Speaker Cables.


    As I said earlier, over the years, I’ve had a lot of gear, and a lot of speaker cables, including familar names such as Nordos and Audioquest, with more boutique brands like Grovers, and the Unity Solid Links are the ones I keep going back to. While so many have failed, or been overlooked, sold off or forgotten, these lovely sounding, solidly crafted cables just keep on going. I’ve yet to find an equipment combination that they didn’t work beautifully on. They were even the control cable for all of my speaker cable tests.

    One thing I need to mention to is how solidly built they are. They use multiple strands of a pretty stiff, “high purity oxygen free high conductivity copper conductors, in a litz configuration.” So rather then a ton of tiny strands, you get three thick, wires in each cable. While this does make them slightly less flexible then some, for me it has never been an issue. Mine came with nice gold bananas that weren’t fancy, but worked great. But this solidity has the benefit of just not coming apart on you. They are neither fragile nor delicate. They feel solid enough to tow a car with.

    While there were cables, usually costing dramatically more, often many multiples more, that did this or that better, the Unity Solid Links were always a great place to settle in at the end. They always just play music, and draw no attention to themselves. You don’t have any of those “Wow, what a great sounding cable” moments. Rather you end up with a ton of “Wow, the music sounds great” ones. I can’t think of a higher compliment.

    As a fantastic bonus, they are not expensive. $110 will buy you a 6 foot pair. Not pocket change, but a deal for something you know you can keep listening to and enjoying for decades to come.

    Highly recommended!
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  2. mhardy6647

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    Good information, as always.

    I guess I don't understand the "Litz configuration" -- I think of many, many strands of fine-gauge wire when I think "Litz".

    FWIW, I used a pair of solid 18-ga (magnet wire) pair speaker cables for a while. They really aren't bad -- currently using rather unprepossessing Canare "star quad" cable that sounds good to me and has the advantage of being flexible.
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    All good questions!
    We should get Omer in here to comment.
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    With each strand being individually insulated with an enamel-like substance. To properly terminate that you need a solder pot which literally burns off the insulation, or you have to physically scrape off that enamel (which is not really recommended).
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    (FWIW) I've gone both routes with enamel (or varnish) insulated single-conductors ("magnet wire") -- burn it off with a soldering iron or gun, or just worry it off with a pocket knife blade. :)
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    I reached out to Omer. He will drop by this afternoon to discuss.
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    Very cool. Would love to hear his cables AND his speakers.
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    As much as I have heard the Unity gear, it has all been unfailingly musical. Omer has an excellent ear!
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    I used the term "litz configuration" because it fits this definition:

    Mind you, it's not typically litz as it's become known, but the cable does consist of strands of conductors that are individually insulated from each other.

    FWIW, Audioquest uses the same terminology in many of their product offerings.

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