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Discussion in 'All Things Analog' started by fiddlefye, Jan 6, 2016.

  1. marantzfan

    marantzfan Administrator

    That's excellent news. You'll be VERY happy you took the leap to an RCM. Which machine you use is really just a matter of taste. Kind of like the Ford vs Chevy thing. Both get you from point A to point B.
  2. fiddlefye

    fiddlefye Senior Member

    I've been hankering after a RCM for years now. I've never been incredibly happy with the sink-washing results and having LPs standing about drying was a nuisance. I just decided that this would be the year.... well I had actually planned on it for last year, but better late than never.
  3. Pioneer Vato

    Pioneer Vato Moderator

    You will wonder how you ever did without one! In my college days I thought the Discwasher system was the bomb! Enjoy that new RCM, Bruce!
  4. fiddlefye

    fiddlefye Senior Member

    I still have a Discwasher... no, make that two!
  5. MikeT.

    MikeT. Senior Member

    Okki Nokki in-house today but still in the box. Very exciting. More to report later.
  6. BruceK

    BruceK Junior Member

    I dunno how loud the Okki Nokki is, but I keep a pair of Stihl chainsaw over-the-ear protectors hanging right next to my VPI 16.5, which I bought about 20 years ago. Superb machine but the motor is horrendously loud.
  7. Pioneer Vato

    Pioneer Vato Moderator

    And it really sucks, too!
  8. fiddlefye

    fiddlefye Senior Member

    I'm till waiting for my Okki Nokki to get dug out of the back room at the audio shop, but I gather it is a bit less loud than the VPI 16.5. Note I said "less loud" rather than "quieter". The dirty vinyl is piling up...
  9. MikeT.

    MikeT. Senior Member

    I've been using my Okki Nokki for about a month now and it really sucks......but in a GOOD way. I am still fine tuning how much cleaning fluid to apply. First clean, when the brush is dry, I've got to put on a good bit. After the brush is saturated, I can ease up on the rest of the albums. I'm cleaning 3 or 4 at a time since I haven't really had the chance to sit down and crank a lot out....still learning about the machine.

    High torque motor is fine and I don't have to put a lot of pressure on the LP, again after the brush is saturated. A couple of times forward, a couple of times in reverse, then a couple of scrubs, clockwise and counterclockwise, manually, without the motor running. Move the wand over, turn it to forward rotate, a couple of rotations and its done.
    Very good results so far, even my Oscar Peterson, Pablo release, red vinyl which was unlistenable since I bought it.

    I consider the motor noise very acceptable, pretty quiet actually. No objections at all.

    I owned a Record Doctor which I used twice, then sold, because I had to use a pair of ear protectors I had normally reserved for using my table saw.

    The only negative, the owners manual hasn't been changed to reflect the new model wand. I spent 30 minutes looking for the nubs on the wand base to make sure I installed it correctly. It doesn't give a lot of detail and hints but I am assuming they believe their audience knows what they are looking for and knows the North American market doesn't read owners manuals anyway. :D

    The fluid might be considered expensive but the branded fluids seem to be similar in price.

    Very satisfied with the performance for the price.
  10. Sam yurai

    Sam yurai Junior Member

    I've had access to a VPI machine, it was a few years ago, I think it was a 16.5, not sure, I cleaned a lot of records with it, it did a good job, I now have an Okki Nokki and it does a really good job, but I guess with all vacuum RCM's the cleaning solution is of major importance, you need something to upset/dissolve the gunk in order for the vacuum tube to remove the debris filled liquid (I avoided the word suck lol) I use a cleaner called The Right One at the moment, though I sometimes make my own, 50% Isopropyl alchohol, 2 drops per litre of Triton X detergent, the rest is purified water, seems to have no detrimental effect on my vinyl.

    cheers Sam
  11. Audionut

    Audionut Junior Member

    Well I’m debating on a RCM after having my new record cleaned with a okki nokki (not an insurmountable task), being the second cleaner I’ve been exposed to, it seemed a bit loud but effective. The prior unit was likely three times the cost, rotated the record in a vertical position as it cleaned it.
    So any new recommendations (uder $500). Also considering making one from scratch as the process seems quite simple.
  12. Celt

    Celt Active Member

    It's very basic...but I have to give kudos to the KAB Nitty Gritty (Doo Wah Diddy) based cleaner.
    You have to supply your own vacuum, but with a good cleaning agent, it does an outstanding job!
  13. TubeHiFiNut

    TubeHiFiNut Administrator

    I have a VPI 16 and a Nitty Gritty 2.0. Both work well.

    The Okki Nokki appears to be patterned after the VPI.
  14. Audionut

    Audionut Junior Member

    Thanks, I am thinking up a few different options from a purchase/creation standpoint.
  15. David

    David Moderator

    Go get an ultrasonic cleaner and a cheap vacuum one like Record Doctor or KAB EV-1...
  16. Redboy

    Redboy Active Member

  17. Audionut

    Audionut Junior Member

  18. Redboy

    Redboy Active Member

    Not yet. I'll be curious to see the price. :)
  19. fiddlefye

    fiddlefye Senior Member

    Interesting. I'd like to see one in action and yes, what the price might turn out to be in production.
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  20. Don C

    Don C Active Member

    Interesting the Heron one...

    In keeping with the OP's first post, I've been thinking of adding an RCM to the downstairs system. Not up to building another one (I have a homebrew version here in my listening room), and I like the "one and done" method of the Nitty-Gritty Mini Pro that cleans and vacs both sides at once, especially for down there (easy is key), so that's probably what I'd get. A local friend recently was selling one after getting an ultra-sonic and I would have bought it; missed the email and it was already sold by the time I saw it. Curses.

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