Dueland DCA-20GA Tin Plated Copper wire

Discussion in 'System and Room Tweaks' started by marantzfan, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. Audionut

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    Thanks for the informative pics marantzfan, I will be making a frys electronics stop to pick up a set of “extra hands” (I’m sure soldering will be easier and more fun this way). The finished IC’s do look good and am sure will be my end all wires here soon. Can’t wait for the order to come in!
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  2. marantzfan

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    My plan is to use 20AWG from crossover to horns, 16AWG from crossover to woofer, and 12AWG from crossover to speaker terminals. Then, lengths of 12AWG for speaker cables.

    Pretty much following Dr. Jeff Day’s prescription. ;)
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  3. StevenZ

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    Any of you guys willing to build up and sell a pair or two to a schmuck like myself?
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  5. marantzfan

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    @StevenZ, if you aren't in a rush, once I finish the current project and @Audionut's crossovers, I'll be happy to build you some.
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