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Discussion in 'Everything Audio' started by MikeyFresh, Mar 13, 2018.

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    Takachi.jpg For anyone looking at doing a project/build with somewhat loftier fit n' finish goals, you might find the Takachi Enclosure Catalog interesting.

    If nothing else, you could gain some design ideas/inspiration for an enclosure that you are going to fabricate.

    Takachi enclosures are made in Japan, and while many are decidedly not cheap, I do see several references where Takachi says they will price quote even a single piece, so no big minimum order requirements to get in the way.

    These guys are the OEM for the very nice enclosure used in the UpTone Audio JS-2 linear power supply, among others.

    Takachi sent me a 315 page color catalog via Air Mail free of charge, very nice of them and I want to now order something in return, maybe their Raspberry Pi case...

    You can also just download a PDF of this catalog, if instant gratification (or tree saving) is more your speed.
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    Great resource. In addition, Landfall Systems is a hobbiest oriented enclosure builder. Their stuff is great, simple but great!

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    Which I read as Landfill Systems....
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    What don't you like about their stuff?
    Sturdy, easy to work with and drill, pieces fit together perfectly.
    20170203_143138.jpg p)

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