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    Well the first very small batch of M50 Pro Power Amp (2) and M100 Pro Power Amp (1) with the M50P Pro Pre incl simply DAC (2) are on the way to Holland in the morning. I am just week or so late to Flu Bug, but still worried they may hate them.



    So comments please on style would be most welcome.

    Not powder coated but hard black anodized. And solid Aluminium Knobs, transistor are on ceramic heat spreader and the pre has SECA Headphone output stage at 2W.
    When OFF and in idle mode the pre has a low voltage power on circuit from +-25V to +-5V to keep caps formed in psu stage, this also helps to reduce the misused start up sequence of pre then power thump.
    So on standby the pre takes about 2W and full ON 25W.
  2. ColinWonfor

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    UK Recommended Retail Price
    All product are in Black.

    Product Inc Vat
    Q20 £995.00

    Q20P £960.00

    Q20V £979.20

    M50 £2844.00

    M50 PRO £3420.00

    M50P £2700.00

    M50P PRO £3400.80

    M100 £4498.56

    M100 PRO £5971.97

    CLAYMORE £1985.28

    SECA 20W £4329.60

    SECA 50W £7776.00
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  4. TubeHiFiNut

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    Personally, I really like the styling.

    Very nice.
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  5. guiller

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    Nice! Wish you the best!!
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  6. marantzfan

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    I really like the minimalist styling as well. Very serious looking gear and I seriously doubt anyone will hate it.
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  7. fiddlefye

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    They look great to me!
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  8. Audionut

    Audionut Next Round Is On Me

    Very clean look, some serious thought went into them and it shows. The anodized black says that these pieces mean business!
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