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Discussion in 'Meadowlark Audio Forum' started by Mike Tessier, Mar 11, 2018.

  1. I became enamored with Meadowlark speakers when I went to check out a CL ad for a pair of B&W 800s, I just wanted to see and hear them. The seller (John who later became a good friend) also had a pair of Ospreys. I was much more impressed with them than the B&Ws.

    Since then I've bought every pair I could get my hands on. So far I have (in order of acquisition):
    Kestral HRs
    Kestral lls

    I also have a swan center channel.

    They all sound great! Meadowlarks.JPG

  2. Kestral HRs on the front porch, driven by a restored Setton RS 440. These sound very good in the near-field from the couch opposite.

    I listen to them the most in the summertime when I spend evenings on the porch. I have all the windows open to let the classical or jazz leak into the neighborhood.

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  3. TubeHiFiNut

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    Welcome to The Haven @Mike Tessier :)

    Really beautiful speakers. :)
  4. Thanks!

    I love the way the wood grain of the dark ash Swifts appear to crawl around the drivers.

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  5. Prime Minister

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    Thanks for posting the pictures. So nice to be able to see them in one space and really compare size, design, etc. All lovely and beautifully made. I can only imagine how great they sound. You are a lucky man!
  6. Prime Minister

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    That is gorgeous. Cool trick he did there.
  7. I love the darker finish too. These versions are so enjoyable look at. A beautiful pair of Swallows popped up in Sarasota, FL if anyone is near there.
  8. Wow, Cherry with the grill socks and for $300!!

    If I didn't have already have a pair I'd be contacting the seller about shipping.

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