Harman Kardon Model 19

Discussion in 'Solid State Gear' started by bongoman, Mar 7, 2018.

  1. One side runs very hot but the other less so. I'm assuming bias might be off? Anyone familiar with this amp at all?
  2. TubeHiFiNut

    TubeHiFiNut Administrator Staff Member

    I remember seeing one a lot of years ago.

    But not familiar with it.
  3. Punker X

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    Yes check the bias and if possible check the output transistors for leakage.
  4. Whats the sign for transistor leakage? So; If I bought the service manual then the two-part method to adjust bias shouldn't be too difficult? This amp sounds good as it is now; pre-amp also. Mostly I'm a tube guy.
    I see you use a Technics SL 1700; nice table. I acquired a SL 1600 mk2 but the matt is friable; cracks like glass and unusable which makes the TT unusable. That's my eventual match for the Citation stuff. You have an interesting group of equipment.
  5. Punker X

    Punker X Junior Member

    There is really no physical sign of transistor leakage. Just like a tube, your remove the transistor and put into a transistor checker which will bias it give you a beta reading and check for leakage between the elements. Try to adjust that bias first see if one is way off and it remains stable and the amp is cool then you should be good.

    I like the SL-1700MKII, but wish it had a manual queue lever. I doesn't get a lot of use, but comes in handy when I'm playing something for background and too busy to lift the arm. Also use it on questionable records before running it on the Oracle. A Technics matt should be an easy find.

    Good luck with the HK...
  6. Thanks for that PX. The matt on the 1600has 9 cut-outs in a triangular formation that enable the infrared read-out to function. They have to be precise because of the receptors sticking out of the platter. Anyone with these matts don't part with them. I may just cut round holes where they are in a 1200 matt and try that. Has to be 6mm thick.

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