Has anybody heard the new Klipsch standmounts?

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by JohnVF, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. JohnVF

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    I'm curious if anybody has heard the newer Klipsch standmounts, specifically the RP-160m? I suppose Best Buy might have them, so I'll check myself when I can.

    They're supposedly 98db efficient and look petty nice. I would love to hear any opinions from those who've heard them. Please no trying to convince me to look instead at the Heritage line, I'm quite familiar with it :)
  2. Thermionics

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    I think they're 96dB, not 98dB, but that's still pretty decent.

  3. JohnVF

    JohnVF Administrator Staff Member

    You're correct, my fingers and mind weren't working together there. Seems like a good number for a standmount.
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  4. TubeHiFiNut

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    I've been favorably impressed with the newer Klipsch stand mount speakers.

    With good associated gear, they can provide very nice sound.

    Just my opinion.
  5. SPL db

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    Seems like a lot of the newer speakers favor the 6.5" woofer... whatever happened to using an 8" woofer?

    Seems to me, the speakers of old that used an 8" woofer had some good solid bass for a small cabinet.

    Now they're 6.5", design a port, and not too bad of bass for a small speaker but a sub might need to be used.

    Just wondering out loud here...
  6. JohnVF

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    The 5” in my Elacs actually makes too much bass. I would rather it be a larger woofer that doesn’t rely so much on the port, but it makes more bass than, say, the Kef 103.2s I had with a sealed cab and 8”. BUT, the Kefs would be working better in my room. Which is to say that these Klipsch speakers would probably have the same issue in my room as the Elacs.

    My ideal speakers here in this setup would be Harbeth Monitor 30s, 8”, front port. But they’re like $6000. Some of the finest speakers I’ve ever heard, no matter the cost.
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  7. S0und Dragon

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    Funny as I am going to be demoing the 30.2 Anniversary in the next week or two. I am really interested in the Super 5hl Plus though.
  8. JohnVF

    JohnVF Administrator Staff Member

    They’re both fantastic speakers. I picked the SHL-5 but love the 30 as well. I had the Compact 7es3 prior to the SHL-5s (non plus) and feel either is superior to the 7es3 in every way.
  9. The Klipsch RP-160M are delightful speakers. I’ve auditioned them repeatedly - always in passing when looking at other things. I’m loaded up with small and medium size standmounts at home, so I don’t own a pair. But I think the RP-160M offers a lot of fun for the money.

    They produce a prodigious amount of accurate and musical (as opposed to thumping) bass for their size. Keep in mind that they’re a little over 16” tall and about a foot deep, so they’re not exactly small, and that means Klipsch has apparently made good use of the cabinet interior to help produce some of that bass.

    The tractrix horn loaded tweeter is smooth. In half a dozen auditions I’ve been unable to detect the crossover notch - it’s just not audible to me.

    The RP-160M is not a strictly accurate speaker, although voices of all types sound good and realistic enough. Piano, on the other hand, tends to sound a bit brassy depending on the recording (which brassiness doesn’t exist at all when listening to the same recording played on the same equipment but through Harbeth P3ESR or Diapason Micra or KEF R300 or Elac B6 and so on. Same goes for violins - they’re a bit brassy in the highest ocatve but accurate and realistic in the middle.

    What the RP-160M has in buckets is a ton of energy. Everything I’ve played through them sounds exciting. They can also play loud - deafeningly loud - without breaking up in any way, so they’re capable of handling significant amounts of power. Then again, although their efficiency is above average, I think Klipsch’s rating is a bit optimistic (but, I haven’t have the chance to personally measure them).

    I could never use the RP-160M as a speaker for critical listening. But for everything else, they’re a riot.
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