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  1. Thanks all!
  2. 001.JPG 009.JPG 021.JPG 023.JPG 024.JPG 026.JPG 027.JPG 028.JPG
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    That is gorgeous!
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  4. Thanks. It doesn't sound half bad either!

    I've got an audiomods series V tonearm currently being built... Should see it in a month or so.

    I don't think the R900s get enough attention. Everyone went nuts over the LS50.. But it's the same driver in a big cabinet with an extra 2 X 8 inch woofers. They're marvelous!
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    Great looking set up, all the way around!. I feel that Kef has always been ahead of the game in design/aesthetic‘s, doesn’t hurt that they sound pretty darn good too. Speakers match your turntable plinth to boot!
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  6. They do look pretty. I think many new speakers seem to top out with an 8 inch woofer. Certainly different to vintage speakers that generally had something larger. Having said that they play clean down to around 40hz. I have a 15 inch sub but it seems to add so little to most music I don't even bother with it anymore. WAF and all that... It does add something.. But you should see the size of it!!.. About as large as a side table.. It's a Dayton sub 1500. It's incredibly priced.. 200 bucks.. It is actually rather good. I definitely recommend this! In fact I don't think you could buy a used sub that big and that capable for the same money. Now it's in my man cave downstairs with my 5.1 system. . KEF R300. R200 center and some fluance for the back channels.. Might have to take a few pictures of that too..
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    The Denon looks mighty fine nestled between those two slabs of tube goodness.

    I was looking at photos, and then I had to ask this.

    Why is the refrigerator out of the kitchen? And next to the piano? Its um odd. At least you don't have to reach far for a drink, but a dorm fridge could have sufficed for that. :p

    Mister Pig
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  8. It’s my girlfriends second fridge.. she stores kimchi in there as well as all manner of Korean foods I couldn’t name. Tasty though. Right past it is the kitchen.. so it’s not far from there.

    You are right though. I need to move her kimchi out and my beer in!
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  9. Won a used but supposedly not too used Denon DL S1 on eBay last week.. should be receiving it on Saturday.. didn’t mean to bid but literally nobody else was. Didn't think I'd win it either but I did. Got it for $400 shipped which I think was a bit of a score. I love Denon stuff. I’ve had a lot of pieces over the years. This is their top of the line cart. Looking forward to seeing what it can do.
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  10. IMAG1257.jpg IMAG1260.jpg

    Well it came a little early :)

    First impressions.. Retains the same basic sort of house Denon sound as the 103R. The bass is better defined and tighter, also better positioned in the soundstage. Imaging is clearer and instruments are better defined. It maybe picks up a little more surface noise but that's perhaps because I haven't got it fully dialed in. With my 103R I had it fully dialed in over many a listening session.

    This arm seems better suited for the 103R as its pretty hefty. But hopefully this cart will be a better match for the audiomods.

    My head amp seems to have no problem running this at all. Even with the carts 0.15 output.

    The seller neglected to include the correct screws which is annoying as I have two headshells and was hoping to do better comparisons between the two. I had to vulture the screws from my 103R So it's out of its headshell and ease of comparison is gone. Going to do some more listening.
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  11. Second impressions. The bass is killer. I thought the 103R had good bass.. This is even better. More of it and laser focused. The resolution is way higher. I can hear Stan Getz keying his saxophone very clearly. Didn't hear it at all before.

    But... Well it's still early.. Jazz and live albums I've played.. Big difference. Some of the more mainstream studio recordings.. A much more subtle difference. It's still early to have any real opinions. But I think the more audiophile I go the less it matters on mainstream records.. I see myself getting into jazz and older recordings far more with this setup.

    Very pleased though. A couple of beers in and this is the nicest Friday I've had in a while!

    I'd be very curious to hear an upgraded 103R with a wood body and different stylus. I think that might not be too far away from this.

    I'm probably running into the limitations of my tonearm and phono stage. The head amp was only a hundred bucks. But it's battery powered and in a pretty meh looking case. Think they spent the money where it counted.

    I've seen the matching AU S1 SUT. Right now there's one for $600 on eBay whereas all the other ones from Japan are about $1500.. I've absolutely exhausted all my money so I can't buy it. :( though there's a nice fellow I sold some equipment to on AK who's willing to lend me some other Denon SUTs to try out. Will probably take him up on that offer.
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  12. It looks like the arm was holding back that cart.

    New Audiomods Series V installed on Tuesday. Took a few hours for the silver wire to burn in. It keeps growing and growing on me. Everything has become very life like. The bass has become even more defined. What gets me the most I would say is a sense of delicacy in the music. Not sure how to describe it better than that. There's a greater extension with receding notes, they hang in the air longer, greater realism. I think the music sounds like it is now being played with love which sounds ridiculous but I don't know how to articulate it.

    As for the arm it is superbly made. You can tell it is made by a craftsman/artist rather than a manufacturing company. I have no experience with high end arms but it is cleverly made and very well put together. It comes with all manner of heavier shims and added counterweights. It seems like a very flexible arm, Jeff had put it together for my S1 so there wasn't much to fiddle around with although it took several hours to set up. Jeff was a great guy to work with, he answered all my questions promptly, sent pics etc.. He has the same drive unit and plinth and cartridge in his collection. Very pleased!!

    index.jpg index-1.jpg
  13. The frost finish looks good, but I think the shiny finish might have looked better, not sure.
  14. 4C2DEF08-262F-47EA-B36B-087915988C0F.jpeg
    A little update to the corner. 3 x 3 kallax.

    Middle row with the doors has a lot of vinyl. Might add them to the top to keep the dust bunnies out.

    The baskets below keep the odds and ends in like my KAB vinyl cleaning machine. Honestly I’m absolutely chuffed with the whole thing. It really is now a system where you can put the music on and almost anybody will pause and say... wait.. that’s a stereo?
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    Hi I recognize you from elsewhere.
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    I have a Series V as well. Jeff mentioned he thought the frost finish may also help suppress resonance. Personally, I like the fact that fingerprints aren't an issue.
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    Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures!
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  18. Hi also... I'm on AK although I post on Steve Hoffman too, I posted this setup on both.
  19. True about the fingerprints... I have my doubts about a finish altering resonances... But who knows. No doubt he has a much better idea than me.
  20. Thanks!

    Now if only I can go home already and fire it up!
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