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  1. Figured it was time I threw my hat in the ring.

    I might count as one of the younger audiophiles here, both in terms of time spent learning about sound and sound reproduction, and in age (I clock in at 29 years young, at the moment).

    I've played instruments my whole life, primarily upright and electric basses. While in high school I worked with our school's radio station - with that went a small amount of celebrity as the school district owns and uses a 10,000 watt transmitting tower and can be heard across north Texas. My college career briefly included a stint with the campus radio station as well, though it eventually lost out to my studies.

    Somehow I ended up leaning towards older things. I found my way here through JELabs, which I think I'd found while researching an Altec 601 I'd found in an elderly friend's house.

    As it stands, I'm running a Lenco L70 (branded as a Bogen B61) with an Audio Technica ATP-12T arm and a Shure SC35C| Musical Fidelity V-LPS w/ V-PSU | and rebuilt Altec 128B tube monoblocks. I currently have Infinity Primus 360's set up for listening and am eagerly working towards building cabinets for a pair of RCA LC-1A's I managed to find.

    Hoping to learn a lot from y'all, especially about cabinet design and construction, and maybe about building tube phono stages!

  2. MikeT.

    MikeT. Senior Member

    Howdy right back at ya @gavcnew and welcome to the Haven.
  3. opa1

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  4. TubeHiFiNut

    TubeHiFiNut Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome to The Haven @gavcnew :)

    You have put together a mighty fine system. I'll bet it sounds wonderful! :)

    Looking forward to your contributions. :)
  5. airdronian

    airdronian Junior Member

    Welcome aboard @gavcnew ! Another Texan in our midst.

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  6. Welcome Gav!
    I’m down south of Austin, there’s a handful of Texans here.

    I’m jealous of your lc1a’s, I would love to find a pair.

  7. Redboy

    Redboy Knobophobe

    Howdy hey, and welcome!

    Seems we've reached our Texans quota, though... Someone want to close that gate, now? :)
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  8. rogerfederer

    rogerfederer Junior Member

    hey, redboy, don't mess w texas:tongue:
    [OK, i'm not a texan though i lived in houston 1 yr and my wife was born there]

    lets see some pics
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  9. guiller

    guiller Active Member

    Welcome to the HFH community!
  10. John Frum

    John Frum Junior Member

    Welcome @gavcnew to your new home for audio discussion! You'll fit in fine!
  11. John Frum

    John Frum Junior Member

    I had a good time in college radio for a couple of years. My audience was small, but they made up for it in being total weirdos.
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  12. Thanks, all.

    @TubeHiFiNut, I hope to be able to add something to the community.

    @airdronian & @gable, glad to be amongst y'all. Once I have the RCA's properly set up I'd like to share them as mich as I can. It's one of the terrible problems of much lauded vintage gear that you can't really verify whether or not it's any good. I hope to fix that - if you find yourself in Dallas, give me a shout.

    @Redboy, I'm inclined to think about something like a quota after seeing today's traffic jams. Maybe we just need fewer cars.

    @rogerfederer there are a few pictures I've taken on my potato quality cell phone... out of a sense of decency, I'll wait till the weekend to share pictures.
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  13. Those weirdos are always the best. I loved it even more when they brought me music made by even bigger weirdos.
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  14. MikeT.

    MikeT. Senior Member

    I’ve moved to Chicago so that opens up a slot. :D ;)
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  15. StevenZ

    StevenZ Active Member

    Welcome aboard from San Antonio.
  16. TubeHiFiNut

    TubeHiFiNut Administrator Staff Member

    And, by the way, I lived in Houston in the late 1950s. Texas has always been the only state (other than Nevada, of course) that I lived in for more than one year.

    Lived in Key West for the better part if a year in the mid-1970s tending bar - but that is another story. ;)
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  17. Don C

    Don C Active Member

    I lived in Texas for four formative years.

    Very nice on the LC1As. One of the few vintage speakers I would endeavor to mess around with.
  18. Prime Minister

    Prime Minister Site Owner Staff Member

    Welcome to the Haven.
  19. airdronian

    airdronian Junior Member

    I just realized that my welcome message might be construed as me being from Texas as well. Not the case I'm afraid. I'm in the Texas of Canada - Alberta that is. Black gold, Texas tea we have, as well as some mighty fine beef.

    I did visit DFW a few years back but in less than ideal circumstances. I was thrilled though, to actually get there. Great weather, friendly people.

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