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  1. I am reminded of the words of Groucho Marx..."I would not want to be a member of a club that would have me as a member."

    My interests are varied. As they are related to audio, I have been fascinated with it since childhood living in an orphanage. I could not hear music when I was young, only sounds. Music to me was strange noises. I could easily identify the sound of a General Motors V8 as opposed to a a Chrysler V8, for example but they were just different sounds...like music. Some music had different "firing order" and that interested me.

    I have no education such as college, university, high school or anything like that. In recent years, I have come to believe that it is not the source of shame that I once believed it was. How some young people have endured several years of higher education and escaped having learned absolutely nothing provides fodder for my curiosity.

    Reproduction of music a fascinating adventure and one that is not often met with success. There is still nothing like the real thing. Some headphones come close but speakers rarely do. In this modern age of thousand watt car stereos...what difference does it make? Soon the occupants of the velocipedes will be deaf anyway. For me, the quest for true reproduction of sounds is my interest. I seek excellence rather than perfection as it has become clear to me that the sound of amplified music can never be as good as the sound of a beautiful voice sung live or the sound of a wonderful musical instrument.

    My business is that of robotics and related equipment but I have built a lot of equipment over the years related to audio as a hobby. Also, from time to time, I find things that interest me at estate sales, auctions, on line, and so forth.
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    Great intro. Welcome to the Haven and happy to have ya. Could you possibly inform me/us what your stereo consists of? I'm also curious as to which headphones you've used that you feel comes closest to reproducing a realistic audio experience. Your post has my interested peaked.
  3. I still have my old Pickering 4955 headphones and I like them. Not perfect by any means but pretty good. I have a pair of speakers that I built in my office. Recently, I tried to sell them on Ebay but no luck. They consist of a folded horn design bass cabinet with JBL 15" woofer, and cellular horns that I made and consist of 374 pieces of wood each. DSC_0277.JPG DSC_0294 (2).JPG DSC_0277.JPG
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    Welcome to The Haven. :)

    Absolutely gorgeous speakers! Really high drool factor.
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    Zow! Beautiful work, there.
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    Welcome! Nice work and write up.
  7. Beautiful, just beautiful.

    Welcome, sir.
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    Welcome aboard @WE555! We are very glad to have you among us.

    Oh and those speakers...yeah, those certainly look like something very special. It's probably a blessing in disguise that you didn't sell them. ;)
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    Welcome aboard @WE555, great post and do appreciate your realness. Mighty nice looking cabinets. What type of wood species and did you use slotted plywood with veneer for the base cabinet?
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    And we are happy to have you here. Welcome!
  11. HelloNut,
    The bass cabinets are an inner cabinet which is made of one inch particle board...selected because of high density. The veneer is applied to the inner box before the top and bottom installed. All veneer on these cabinets are Australian walnut -- all from the same tree. Then the top and bottom attached with veneer applied to inside surfaces -- both top and bottom. Then shape cut oversize beyond where sides will be affixed. The curved sides are made here. I bought two sections of old boiler tanks at a scrap iron company. One has much larger radius than the other. I cut the exact sizes and welded them together...one facing up and the other facing down. This became the shape for the press for the sides. I used epoxy to laminate the layers of wood. Then sides cut to size and walnut veneer applied to inside then fitted to top and bottom. Then, using router, trimmed oversized top and bottom and applied walnut veneer.

    All this was done just for fun. For me, it is fun to have a goofy project in Winter to keep me off the streets and away from the bars and brothels. My work is much more technical in nature and sometimes I enjoy getting my hands dirty. The horns were much more challenging to build.
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    Welcome to the HFH community!
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    Nice speakers and welcome!
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    Wow! Gorgeous speakers!
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    Sweet speaks! Nice read as well.

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