I have created an emojum (meme quantum)

Discussion in 'Non-Audio' started by mhardy6647, Apr 13, 2018.

  1. mhardy6647

    mhardy6647 Señor Member

    I call him Anxious Box.
    He had potatoes in him until very recently.
    The last of them has just been removed to join a pot roast in a large cast iron Dutch oven.
    Bereft of his erstwhile contents,
    Anxious Box is...

    Anxious Box.JPG

  2. Celt

    Celt Peanut Head

    Aww...I just hates seein' an unhappy box!
  3. marantzfan

    marantzfan Administrator Staff Member

    Somewhere there is a boxmaker with a grin on his face right now. ;)
  4. mhardy6647

    mhardy6647 Señor Member

    Sounds like something from Monty Python
  5. mhardy6647

    mhardy6647 Señor Member

    For the record: Anxious Box kind of reminds me of Linus. Not the Vitamin C (or alpha helix) Linus, the other Linus:

  6. Redboy

    Redboy Knobophobe

    Man, I love that box!
  7. mhardy6647

    mhardy6647 Señor Member

    Isn't it a great box, Charlie Brown? It only needs a little love.
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  8. Thermionics

    Thermionics Post Whore In Training

    I'm gonna steal that...


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