Loudspeaker placement -- your thoughts?

Discussion in 'System and Room Tweaks' started by mhardy6647, Nov 2, 2018.

  1. Don C

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    In an effort to keep this from going the route of pavers (ahem), my question is: How do you differentiate house 3.2 from, say 3.0 or 3.1? Renovation? Moving of listening room? Curious if I'm still on house 1.0 or if somewhere along the way I've qualified for 1.1 or something. :chin
  2. mhardy6647

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    When we built the NH house, I decided it would be wry, fun, and convenient to use the standard s/w nomenclature to differentiate between the four homes we've owned since 1983.

    House 1.0: Baltimore, MD (rowhouse)
    House 2.0: 4 BR 2-story contemporary Thing in Milpitas, CA (now "worth" ca. 1.4 million Samoleums :( ).
    House 3.0: 4 BR 2-story colonial Harvard, MA
    Two (EDIT: semi-) major revs to House 3.0
    3.1 Gutted and renovated family room and "bonus room" (expanded/enclosed 3 season porch).
    3.2 Gutted and renovated bathrooms
    House 4.0: Livin' in it now.

    Next rev, with luck, will have one entrance and no exit, and convenient underground location.
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  3. Don C

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    Aahh, ok, makes sense. I guess that makes this place house 1.2 or so, ish, or something.
  4. GuyK

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    Hmmm. How would I define my own residence in this manner? I tore down the awful building I had been living in and built a new one in the same place. Would this be 2.0, or 1.999999... ?
  5. mhardy6647

    mhardy6647 Señor Member

    I'd go 2.0 -- sounds like a major rev to me.


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