Meadowlark Audio Legacy Driver Specs

Discussion in 'Meadowlark Audio Forum' started by Pat McGinty, Feb 2, 2018.

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    It was worth a try anyway.

    I'll use your numbers as a guide.
  2. Wow, just stumbled on to this thread and am blown away. Bought my first pair of Kestrel Hot Rods back in the late 90s and that speaker was wonderful. Throughout the years I owned 5 pairs of Kestrels, 2 pairs of Shearwaters, and a pair of the Kestrel IIs.

    I plan to come back and read this thread more thoroughly and absorb Pat's thoughts.

    Want to say thanks to Pat for sharing his story.
  3. This is a great thread with lots of great info. Thanks so much to Pat for, your great speakers first, but also for the info you've provided here. I have a pragmatic question. I just realized today that I have a blown tweeter in one of my Meadowlark Kestral Hot Rods. If the original is not available, is there something that would be an acceptable replacement for both tweeters? Thanks so much!

  4. Sorry to hear that, Sam. The Peerless 811815 hasn't been made in years.

    Unfortunately the first problem is that the diameter spec for the faceplate is 100mm instead of the industry standard 104mm. So there are only a few tweeters that could fit without tearing into the cosmetics of the baffle.

    I'm aware of two possibilities.


    It looks as though the face plate thicknesses are similar to the Peerless. I can't tell about the thru hole specs but, if need be, enlarging the thru hole can be done without making a mess of the cosmetics.

    I work with SB woofers regularly but have not heard their tweeters. I use another SEAS tweeter model regularly and love it but have not heard the H1280. It might be good to compare them.

    The 'fly in the ointment' is that, electrically, they are each very different from the Peerless so the crossover won't work and for several reasons. Also, the tweeter has to 'shake hands' with the woofer so both circuits are likely to come into play.

    I've been resisting being drawn into this problem because first order crossover work is so darn time consuming. But I've begun to think it may be worth a shot. This keeps coming up and a standard solution would be nice. Trouble is, I have no Meadowlark legacy product on hand of any kind to work with. So what we need is a guinea pig.
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