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Discussion in 'Meadowlark Audio Forum' started by Prime Minister, Jan 27, 2018.

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    Well damn. That's quite the connection to make there!
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  3. Ernie

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    HTG = Honest To God.
  4. mhardy6647

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    New one on me, too.

    I'm pretty naïve when it comes to this internet thing.
    I just yesterday learned what tl;dr means.
    You would think I'd have encountered it many times before.

  5. Ernie

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    I heard it as "Too lazy; Didn't read". Thank you, very much, for using the semi-colon. So often it appears as a run-on acronym, TLDR.
    You and me, both, brother. You and me, both.
  6. mhardy6647

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    I saw it with the semicolon -- and looked it up.

    Note that I myself am too lazy to use an em-dash (or should it be an en-dash?).

    EDIT: oh, apologies for the thread digression, Mr. PM!
  7. Prime Minister

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    TL! DR.
  8. Ernie

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    Too Long-Didn't Read. The kind of response I often expect to see.

    Personally, I prefer the semi-colon, over the en-dash, but I never use the acronym, myself.
  9. Prime Minister

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    I was offering a different punctuational construction, is all.
  10. Ernie

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    Right over my head. Sorry
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    I did not know Meadowlark was back in business.

    Back in the 90''s I listened to a pair of Kestrel transmission line speakers.
    They did remind me of my Fried transmission line satellites without having my transmission line subwoofers hooked up.
    I attribute this to the sloped front time aligned baffles.

    I am glad to hear they are back.
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  13. Celt

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    What a cute bow-wow!
  14. JimPA

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    I think that it is very nice that Pat McGinty is a member of the forum.
    There are few companies offering transmission line speakers for sale.
    He has been kind enough to provide a spreadsheet of the drivers and has been contributing to the forum.

    I wonder if Pat has ever used low density polyurethane foam for the damping material in any of his transmission line designs?
    Or if Pat has experimented with it's use in any of his designs.
    I know that wool is used in some models of his fine line of speakers.
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  15. mhardy6647

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    1. I concur wholeheartedly (FWIW).
    2. There is a lot to be said for TLs (again IMO and FWIW)!
  16. Prime Minister

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    And please keep in mind that Pat has now moved away from TLs, as his new speakers don't require it!
  17. JimPA

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  18. A quick look at the changes in bass systems.

    The TL, like the VB, adds an additional resonant system to the simplest alignment, the CB. The CB resonates due to the fundamental resonance of the driver combined with that of the trapped air volume. The VB tags on the additional resonance of a tuned port and the TL attempts to damp that resonance by resistive techniques that can be quite varied and interesting.

    Both VB and TL are attempts to lower F3 by causing the system to resonate at a lower F. Of course there's no free lunch; one buys extension with wobble. A little wobble can be quite pleasant because what is actually a lack of signal tracking can be perceived as warmth and body. It's a delicate design issue that consumed much of my attention. You've all heard systems that attempted to buy TOO much extension with TOO much resonance because they manifest 'fat blat', one note bass or boominess. (aside: seems like kids' automotive LF systems are intentionally misaligned to exacerbate these problems)

    The take away is that, to achieve pleasant bass with decent extension one had to blend in a certain amount of deviation from accurate signal tracking. The alternative was to go with a critically damped CB and put up with a lack of extension. Invariably these systems sound dry and tight and unwilling, so few entered the market.

    Today we can tear up those old rules. I simply align each CB LF system for optimal signal tracking then make up for the lost extension in the processor. No added resonances required. And the happy thing is that I can dial in that little bit of warmth I prefer in the PEQ. And, even better: you can do as you like once you have your hands on that PEQ.

    Now that the infernally awful passive low pass filter is out of the way, the amp has a much better grip on cone motion. In our systems there's nothing but a short bit of wire between amp and driver. So we're hearing more texture in the bass; there's a real sense of speed and detail. More 'open' at the bottom end.

    Improvements that are at least this compelling are also happening in the midrange.

    Woof! Ain't life grand?

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