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Discussion in 'All Things Analog' started by Try1256, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. Try1256

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    Pick this up from a friend for a couple of Benjamins, sent it to SoundSmith in August for a rebuild. Got it back yesterday. Wow. I have only spun 2 or 3 records with it and it sounds amazing. Can't wait til it's really broken in.
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  2. airdronian

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    Nice ! Look forward to your impressions. What arm is that on ?
  3. Try1256

    Try1256 Junior Member

    SME M2-9
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  4. Thermionics

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    Soundsmith did a DL103r in a Paradox Pulse body for me (a co-worker dropped it and snapped the cantilever, which is how it got retipped) - long wait, but totally worth it. I'm sure their own cart sounds even better!
  5. fiddlefye

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    One I'd like to try myself.
  6. Try1256

    Try1256 Junior Member

    I absolutely had no idea.
  7. SPL db

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