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  1. 41B126D9-9AD5-4675-A6FD-A03C326CCC59.jpeg It’s great to find a forum with a section dedicated to Meadowlark speakers. I’m a huge fan and love mine. These are my Swifts. I was recently able to obtain and install all NOS tweeters and drivers thanks to @Pat McGinty. They sound fantastic. Pat also shared his knowledge of this site with me. I’ve read every thread in this Meadowlark sub-forum. It’s great to see Meadowlark evolving their designs and building again. Who knows? I might upgrade at some point. Till then, I look forward to learning more about Pat’s new approach.
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  2. StevenZ

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    Welcome aboard and glad to have ya!
  3. Prime Minister

    Prime Minister Site Owner Staff Member

    I do wonder how they compare to my Shearwater Hot Rods. Is that a 5 inch woofer?
  4. Howdy, Prime Minister. Thanks for hosting such a good cool site. Yes, the drivers are 5”, or 5.5”. How do they compare to your Shearwaters? I’m guessing, based on reviews I’ve read that your Shearwaters will walk all over my Swifts acoustically, but I don’t know because the only set of Meadowlarks I’ve ever heard in my life... are mine. And, that wasn’t until they showed up on my doorstep. I bought them sight and sound unseen and unheard.

    I’d decided to try a tube amp, but a Primaluna was a bit out of budget, so after reading more reviews I snapped up a Jolida 202a. Then I began to look for complimentary speakers. Multiple reviews mentioned Klipsch Heresy, La Scala, and I think Cornwall, but they were all much too large. Then I found a review that mentioned Kestrel 2s. I loved they way they looked and began learning as much as I could about Meadowlark. Sometime later the Swifts presented themselves. They’re very similar to the Kestrel 2 I think. But, smaller, which I really liked... so I bought them.

    They seemed very musical and detailed to my ears, but not allot of bass, which is just what many reviews had said. So, I rolled a few tubes, upgraded my TT/cartridge combo, and replaced the drivers. Now they sound pretty darn good. Seem to have plenty of bass for my taste. I recall reading an opinion that the original HR Kestrel sounded better than the Kestrel 2, but I just love the athletics of the second generation. I always keep an eye out for a pair of Kestrel 2s, but after learning more... I’ve added Shearwaters to the list too.
  5. Holy Moly... a set of Swifts came up in Southern Cal. They are Cherry with socks, feet, and spikes. I want them so bad, but I’m not a collector or a hoarder. Can’t afford them damn it. Someone snap them up. They’re gorgeous. Meadowlark Swifts.
  6. This is the one that hurts. I hope people don’t think I’m a shill. I’m a fan. If I could move up I’d move up to these dang it. Shearwaters.
  7. Prime Minister

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    No such thing as shilling Meadowlarks. Once you've gone Meadowlark, there's no going back!
  8. At one point I owned 3 pairs of Kestrels; ebony, cherry and the light ash.
  9. I’ve been traveling for the past three weeks. When I’ve had the opportunity I’ve popped into record and stereo shops during the journey. Invariably shops ask about my system. They always give me a courteous acknowledgment as I describe my setup... until I mention my Meadowlarks. Then they light up. This happened almost every time. Always makes me smile. :smile:
  10. Prime Minister

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    I can totally see that. Now that I have my Shearwater Hot Rods, I've even stopped thinking about new speakers, let alone shopping for them. The only thing that could move me from here is perhaps Pat's new line. I just can't imagine what I could "upgrade" to.

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