Of Squirrels and Shiny Things

Discussion in 'Everything Audio' started by Redboy, Oct 4, 2018.

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    I've seen the site before (mostly in the context of DACs). This thread led me to read a few amplifier posts... and I decided (l will strive to be diplomatic here), the majordomo and his followers there have rather different opinions (qualitatively and quantitatively) as to what is important in a power amplifier.
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    I was skimming a review that I wasn't particularly enjoying, and then it hit me... Squirrel ! Shiny Thing ! Something that just might appeal to certain Havenites.

    A Denon 103 suitable tonearm (I think) that doesn't seem to cost the earth when new.



    There's a 9" version too. Looks like he does tonearm lifters and other assorted things here.
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    Was looking at those the other day. ;)
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  5. Audionut

    Audionut Next Round Is On Me

    Great sound quality and measurements. Also like how the sound stays centered and does not follow the camera (even though that’s more realistic/common, ala kenrick sound).
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  6. Prime Minister

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    Mine was about as much as a squirrel, but isn't particularly shiny. To the surprise of no-one....

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  7. Redboy

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    Serge has been making those for a few years now; I think our own @J-ROB has one that he likes quite a bit.

    He (Serge) also makes a very faithful replica of the iconic Gray 108 tonearm, which is very nice. It will probably come as a surprise to no one here that I own one of those... :-/


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    Well, he takes his finger, and spits on it, in order to rub a little on the front sight, to make it a wee bit more shiny,.. and takes aim at the damn squirrel, and,... pop goes the rodent.

    this pretty much sums up my last 7 months or so.
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    my khadas tone board DAC arrived yesterday. today i am trying it in my work system. https://www.khadas.com/tone
    it is a lot better than the topping D30 i was using. all for just a franklin! hearing a lot of additional detail in some reference albums (Kid A, Moon Safari).
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    AudioQuest Nighthawk Carbon
    Meze 99 Classics

    Denafrips Terminator
    HoloAudio Spring "Kitsuné Tuned Edition" Level 3
    BorderPatrol SE
    Chord Qutest

    Desktop Speakers
    Audience ClairAudient 1+1 V2+

  11. Build a mono system, horn loaded. I did on a bit of a whim and I'm now constantly amazed at how damn engaging and fun it is. They can be really awesome. I got SUPER lucky and scored a 1505 and 288c, and that prompted me to try mono.

    Did I mention how awesome it is?

    I'm even thinking of adding a horn mono system to the main system, so I have a better excuse to buy a nice mono cart/table, and all those vinyl albums I've been passing on for too damn long.

    Not sure where you are, but if you're near Austin, ring me and I'll happily audition it for you.

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  12. mhardy6647

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    A 1505 and a 288 family member's gonna be awesome even if it's just sitting there :)
    It simply doesn't get much better (at least for anything even remotely like a practically affordable price point), IMO.
    Watcha usin' for a crossover? Hiraga's?
  13. No, some pretty basic first order. I’m seriously considering making a few pairs of ~1505 ‘clones’ from wood. The larger segmented horns have a very special character that I would like to explore more.

    2B09F2BE-522F-487E-BA17-3BF3BBD88A2B.jpeg 1227F306-FB44-439B-BF73-6EA855461995.jpeg

    Yes, that is a wood shim wedged in to hold that rca jack in place. Until I remember to fix the bad solder joint, that I meant to do a few weeks ago. Haha

  14. Ilusndweller

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    I was wondering if I could use a Grace Designs Lunatec V2 portable mic preamp as a gain stage for mm phono. It has 0-60 dB gain. I would try it out except I need to get a new battery (and hopefully thats it, this did power up the last I checked but that was about 10 years ago). I purchased this new 20 years ago, TOTL portable pre/PS, cost over 1.5k, real nice sounding unit that was paired w Schoeps CMXY-4V mics. Does anyone know? It would feed into a B&K AVP 1030 5.1 pre that does not have a phono stage. If it seems like a go, I will buy a battery and give it a shot. Thanks!


    2nd from last pic.
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  15. rogerfederer

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  16. mfrench

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    No RIAA curve. But for straight analog gain, its a winner.
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  17. Ilusndweller

    Ilusndweller Junior Member

    Thanks Mike. One of these days Ill get a battery and play around with it, like try to defeat the purpose of my Creek OBH-12 passive pre in an attempt to improve the sound. :)
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  18. mfrench

    mfrench Senior Member

    You'll need to compensate for the RIAA curve in order to get proper EQ'ing for LP playback. Others might be able to suggest a work around for that (my records just collect dust anymore).
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