PartsExpress: Dayton "AIRs" -- what do y'all think?

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  1. Hi All; sorry for the delay. The woofer is a Dayton model no.DC160S-4 Nice heavy well built driver. The xover is the inductor, that I am not sure of the value, wired from the positive speaker input in series with a Solen 7.5 uf 400v cap connected on the other end with a 6ohm 1% wirewound resister mills mra 12 which then is wired to the positive of the tweeter. I will try to post a photo asap. Also I might be able to get the inductor value from old orders placed on Parts Express. Thanks for your patience. A lot of times these mods don't seem all that effective; or they just change the sound without really improving, but in this case it seems to work well. Cheers.
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    saw this link to a 'review' of the cheaper, non-AMT morph of these little loudspeakers Someplace Else.
    Might be of interest to someone here, so I'll share the link. Again, this version has a very generic/basic little dome tweeter in lieu of the generic AMT found on the B652-AIR.

    Offered strictly FYI & FWIW, as-is, YMMV, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. :)
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    DSC_1485 (2).JPG DSC_1487 (2).JPG DSC_1480 (2).JPG
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    So @mhardy6647 , what does it sound like? (I secretly thought of buying one too; they are practically giving them away!)
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    well, if you look at that Polk forum thread, you'll see that I started with cannon fodder loudspeakers -- to wit, the titular AIRs :)

    (and you'll see why)

    But, you know what? It does not sound bad at all.
    It's a weird component, no matter how you look at it -- but it's not embarrassing at all to listen to.
    By tomorrow, perhaps I'll work up the nerve to try it on a pair of real loudspeakers.
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    Congratulations, @mhardy6647 :)

    Well deserved Good Karma. :)

    Is it using a Class D power amp section?
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    Per that "radiomuseum" link, the power amp uses LM1875 chips, and according to TI's website, that operating class of the LM1875 is class AB.

    I will pop the hood (or, perhaps more accurately, drop her drawers) and see what's really inside anon.

    Among the Great Mysteries of the Ages for this amplifier.

    • Does either of the tubes actually do anything? (particularly the EL84)
    • Does the amp really run the filament voltage just short of thermonuclear fusion?
    • Does anything sub for a Chinese 6N1?
    • What's under that "transformer bump"? (if anything)
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    I did some Googling last night and it is really unclear to me

    1) Is a Chinese 6N1 "identical to" a Russian 6N1P?
    2) Can a 6922 be safely/effectively installed in this little amplifier?

    of course, re: 2) effectively would presuppose that the preamp tubes actually do something in this amplifier. :p
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    A completely sideways datapoint.

    I extracted one of the small signal tubes (labeled "6N1-J", actually, not that this is very helpful) and tested it, just for shoots and googles* in my trusty and longsuffering Sencore Mighty-Mite III emissions tester.

    It tests good as a 6922 :)

    * as I like to say... I like this slightly better than the more common phraseology :)
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    SCIENCE strikes again! :)
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    so -- y'all can probably tell from the long delay in my posting anything to this thread that I wasn't terribly impressed with these little cheap loudspeakers in their stock configuration, although, yea, the little "AMT" tweeters are nice.

    I am posting to it today, though, because I stumbled across this little "review" (of sorts -- consider the source! ;) ) link posted Someplace Else.

    I actually haven't tried the speakers with the little Lepai amp (I have one of the earliest morphs thereof, bought on sale long ago wicked cheap); guess maybe I should -- you know, for completeness.
  17. 88 isn't bad. My son is asking for a subwoofer to compliment the Jolida PSB combo. I'm thinking this might be a better direction. Hope I'm not thread jacking @mhardy6647 . Good topic!

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