Setting up a Damped Unipivot, or.....

Discussion in 'All Things Analog' started by fiddlefye, Aug 29, 2018.

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    I really nice direct drive is hard to beat. My Thorens 124 got kicked out of its place by one, and my VPI got sold because of another. That said, i'm not as pitch sensitive as you...yet I still feel a sort of "not there" aspect to the tables. Not so much relaxed as a lack of the system intruding on things.
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    I think the DP-80 is probably the very best of my audio investments to date. Sure, it took forever to find someone to rebuild it (and a few dollars spent in the process) and then getting the plinth done etc. but the end result is definitely my best source. It has the sense of propulsion of the Rek-O-Kut, but with a dead silent background. That and playing records is completely painless with the instant start-up and shut down and the thing being so perfectly designed for turning sides.
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