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Discussion in 'High Efficiency' started by TubeHiFiNut, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. TubeHiFiNut

    TubeHiFiNut Administrator Staff Member

    Yup.....those are the BRH90. :)

    They sure do look huuuuuuuuge. ;)
  2. mhardy6647

    mhardy6647 Señor Member

    They are.
    They're not terribly heavy, though -- just a little awkward.
    Nicely made, too, in their own way.

    [​IMG]DSC_7253 (2) by Mark Hardy, on Flickr
  3. TubeHiFiNut

    TubeHiFiNut Administrator Staff Member

    What differences do you hear between the Community BRH90 and the Emilar EH-500-2?
  4. TubeHiFiNut

    TubeHiFiNut Administrator Staff Member

    A quick note: I picked up some metal screw mount driver to 2" horn mouth. Never felt that the plastic adaptors matched up as good as I'd like.

    Next up will be the Emilar EH-500-2 using the Klipsch K55 driver via the new metal adaptor. :)
  5. marantzfan

    marantzfan Administrator Staff Member

    Man, you sure are having fun with all these horns. I wish I could play along with you David.
  6. TubeHiFiNut

    TubeHiFiNut Administrator Staff Member

    Come on up, my friend. :)

    You could always bring your new 2A3 amp. ;)
  7. mhardy6647

    mhardy6647 Señor Member

    I can't answer that question, sadly, as it was too long ago for my aural memory to be really clear -- my sense at the time was that the EMILAR was smoother -- there was an edge to the Community (with either the JBL or the Altec drivers I tried) that was a little out of my comfort zone.

    This being said, I've fiddled with crossovers and driver integration (padding) a lot in the interim -- had I been a bit smarter, I'd have hung on to the Community horns longer -- but they were really large and I felt virtuous returning them to their rightful owner (even though he almost certainly would've been OK with them staying here for a while longer). Sorry :(
  8. TubeHiFiNut

    TubeHiFiNut Administrator Staff Member

    No worries, my friend.

    I'll do my best to hunt down a pair and see how they compare. :)
  9. TubeHiFiNut

    TubeHiFiNut Administrator Staff Member

    One quick comment: The SRH90 is very smooth - no edge or shout.

    The comparison with the Emilar EH-500-2 this weekend should prove most interesting. :)
  10. mhardy6647

    mhardy6647 Señor Member

    I think that the edginess was due to poor driver integration (padding) by me -- at the time, I didn't realize how much more sensitive the 2441 is compared to anything else here.
  11. TubeHiFiNut

    TubeHiFiNut Administrator Staff Member

    That makes sense.

    I found that using the stock Klipsch K55 driver works best on all the horns when using them as the mid horn with the Belles and the Type AA crossover.

    It will be interesting to see how things stack up using the Renkus-Heinz SSD-3301-16 and 1800-8, Altec 807-8 and Klipsch K55 drivers on the JBL bass bins (2226H woofers) using the Renkus-Heinz 1.8khz (2nd order), Altec N-500 (2nd order) or DIY 1.2khz (1st order) crossovers. The R-H and Altec crossovers have horn level adjustments. The DIY will use an L-Pad to set the horn level.
  12. mhardy6647

    mhardy6647 Señor Member

    I am certifiably certifiable.

    [​IMG]DSC_0338 (2) by Mark Hardy, on Flickr

    I "took down" the EMILARs to (finally) touch up the bare spots on the horns (they should be properly cleaned and repainted... but the perfect is the enemy of the good).

    I have a hifi colleague who was looking for some interesting drivers to try on Martinelli wooden horns. I said, "well, I have these dump-find JBL 275s that are kind of cool." I pulled them out and tried to take off the H5040 (Metregon) horns that they were found with. Well, the bolts came out fine, Bob's your uncle, but the horns are kinda sorta fused to the drivers.

    Well, I am hell-bent to separate the drivers from the horns (both sets of drivers/horns are thus afflicted)... but in the meantime, what the fug, why not toss 'em atop the Frankenduplexes? You know, while the paint dries on the EMILARs?

    They sound -- good. No kidding.

    That's with a 500 Hz-ish crossover (first order). This may not be as insane as it sounded -- the Metregon used a 600 Hz XO, with the same horns.
  13. mhardy6647

    mhardy6647 Señor Member

  14. TubeHiFiNut

    TubeHiFiNut Administrator Staff Member

    @mhardy6647 - Those are really interesting. Curved like the Altec 32B horns.

    Really cool stuff. :)
  15. Redboy

    Redboy Knobophobe

    I didn't realize you had a pair of those things, @mhardy6647! That dump of yours is a truly magical place.
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  16. mhardy6647

    mhardy6647 Señor Member

    [smarmy pseudo-French accent]
    but of course...
    [/smarmy pseudo-French accent]

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  17. Audionut

    Audionut Next Round Is On Me

    Wait, were they just loose or attached to said “metregon”? Also, where is said “dump”?
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  18. mhardy6647

    mhardy6647 Señor Member

    Nope, just them and their 600 Hz crossovers (modified in some way) -- and a pair of LE8s in home-made boxes :)
    Harvard, MA -- where we lived for 22 years. I love(d) the Harvard dump (actually, technically, transfer station). :)
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  19. TubeHiFiNut

    TubeHiFiNut Administrator Staff Member

    Mark, Every time my Bride thinks I'm out of control, I show her the pics of your stuff. ;)

    Works every time. :)
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