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Discussion in 'Music' started by Juncers, Jul 17, 2015.

  1. Don C

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  2. Juncers

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    French Chamber Works


    71qS+x18ODL._SL1077_.jpg 71qs9NuZbeL._SL1222_.jpg
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  3. Don C

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  4. Juncers

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    Prokofiev & Sibelius - Violin Concertos
    Vilde Frang

    51Ov2I4jGML.jpg 5126LMeaebL.jpg
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  5. guiller

    guiller Active Member

    Busoni: Orchestral Works Vol 1

    Radio-Symphonie-Orchester Berlin
    Gerd Albrecht

    Capriccio CD

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  6. guiller

    guiller Active Member


    , Oratorio (Dublin, 1742)

    Barbara Schlick (soprano)
    Sandrine Piau (soprano)
    Andreas Scholl (alto)
    Mark Padmore (tenor)
    Nathan Berg (bass)

    Les Arts Florissants
    William Christie

    Harmonia Mundi CDs

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  7. guiller

    guiller Active Member


    Flute Concerto No. 1 in G major, K. 313 (K. 285c)
    Flute Concerto No. 2 in D major, K. 314 (K. 285d)
    Andante in C major, K315 for flute and orchestra

    Barthold Kuijken (flute)

    La Petite Bande
    Sigiswald Kuijken

    DHM CD

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  8. guiller

    guiller Active Member


    Messe de Requiem en ut Majeur, pour 4 solistes, chœur mixte et orchestre
    Messe Chorale en Sol mineur, avec orgue d'accompagnement et grand orgue

    Charlotte Müller Perrier (soprano)
    Valérie Bonnard (contralto)
    Christophe Einhorn (tenor)
    Christian Inunler (bass)

    Ensemble Vocal et Instrumental de Lausanne
    Michel Corboz

    Mirare CD

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  9. Juncers

    Juncers Senior Member

    Piano Recital 1986
    Andre Watts

    51EoBT-2rrL.jpg 71q397eXpSL._SL1200_.jpg
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  10. fiddlefye

    fiddlefye Senior Member

    Playing one of my Christmas favourites, Vaughn Williams Hodie. Some of my favourite singers were involved in the recording, just hard to imagine better. I got a bit of a shock just now as I was perusing online thinking I should pick up a second copy only to discover they are now going for serious money. Ouch! I'd better take really good care of the one I have!
    Hodie Angel.jpg
    Along with Britten's Ceremony of Carols it is a recording I feel compelled to listen to more than once during the Christmas season every year. Both works speak powerfully to and of my heritage and I guess the genes will have out.

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