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    Today's Jazz Playlist

    wow - never seen that tina brooks before. looks good. thanks for the post.
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    MastersounD BoX

    #AudioThesis. i'm interested. does it have the phono pre? what el34 tubes are in it? thanks -andre
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    Meadowlark American E series

    those speakers appear easily worth $100! go get them.
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    Today's Jazz Playlist

    creating a "feeding frenzy" hits the nail on the head. it's been sad to see the devolution of RSD.
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    Today's Jazz Playlist

    great point. that effect has turned me off from RSD. i now expect that any title i want will be gone by the time i get there. and will appear on ebay starting that day, at a much higher price. you are right - creating demand can backfire.
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    Today's Jazz Playlist

    re the price gougers - this gouging by re-sellers seems to be made possible by labels pressing too small runs that don't fully meet buyer demand. they certainly know their business better than i do - perhaps its beneficial to create an atmosphere where for fans the pressure is to work hard to...
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    Today's Jazz Playlist

    new thread for this would be good. very distinct from the trad end of the jazz spectrum. "sharp elbows" might better be in a smaller more dedicated home. imho, of course.
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    EPI Speakers

    ps one of the epi's that you posted appears to have 2 woofers and 2 tweeters, so is sort of "internally stacked", right?
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    EPI Speakers

    stacked advents blew my mind a few years ago. in a good way. have been wondering if stacking other speakers would have similar effect. have you tried stacking epi's?
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    EPI Speakers

    stacked advents!
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    I Wreck Me

    "cap coupled" is something i was not aware of til a few years ago. i was finding that some very inexpensive gear was sounding better to me than higher-rated far more expensive gear. turns out the the ones i was liking are cap coupled. there is an openness, spaciousness to their sound...
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    A few pics of the garage

    +1 to stacked avdents!
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    Today's Jazz Playlist

    i had this on lp. liked the music. but the recording made it sound tiny and cramped. this band needs a better recording!
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    Tubelab Simple Single Ended EL34 Amp

    i kinda like the looks of it.