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    Casey Harrison, AK:nosirrah, Has Passed Away

    He picked up a Yamaha integrated as part of the AK pony express from me when I lived in Everett. Nice guy.
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    Office System

    It's marked GameSir GK300 - It has Cherry Blue copies and I changed the keycaps. I believe I found it on Amazon.
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    Office System

    Thanks, Watt! One of the few wireless mech keyboards I was able to find, and an old Waterman Man100 Opera.
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    Office System

    New work from home setup in progress.... still waiting on the audio interface:
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    Your mission, should you choose to, well, care or know some options....

    Based solely on looks, Out of budget: ? Paradigm Prestige 15B Reference Bookshelf Speaker - Each - Nationwide Stereo ? In budget: Silver 100 | Bookshelf Speakers | Monitor Audio ? Below budget: 600 Series Speakers | Bowers & Wilkins ...
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    The coffee drinkers club thread.

    Those are wonderful looking mugs
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    Hiding my wife's stereo.

    That rug really ties the room together!
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    Guitar Players?

    The P10R's are ok, but get flubbed out from time to time with the humbucker guitars. The CVR is far from Twin cleans as well. Hoping to tighten it up.
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    Guitar Players?

    Don't know if any of you play guitar, but something magical is about to happen to this Fender CVR... A pair of somethings, in fact! As soon as I head to the hardware store for some longer screws due the the EV cast frames.
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    Thermionics - new office space / office system

    Your office setup is stunning. Happy new office day!
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    What is wrong with me? Addiction is real.

    Wow - looks great!
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    reviews of my thrift store finds

    Heck, man - I'm still listening to CD as all my other sources are out of commission at the moment. Need to get moving on that... Not to mention used CDs are dirt cheap right now.
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    Greetings .......

    Welcome, Steve!
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    A Hospital Adventure

    Prayers your way, Mike. She'll be loving it once everything heals up.