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    Put your clothes on! A naked gear thread.

    This is a test mule for the revised EWA M-50 model. It's only managing about 18W class A, and that much again in A/B due to a lack of proper heat sinks on this chassis. But it keeps doubling down as impedance halves, to one ohm (@279W). She sounds utterly beguiling!
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    wonfor ewa pre/power amp on ebay

    It's a good comment, but I'm afraid it doesn't get us anywhere in this case. The last communication I am aware of involving Mike manning was a facebook spat in which he got pretty negative, to say the least. He has sold EWA stock that was never paid for as far as I am aware, plain and simple...
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    Music streaming

    I agree it's unfortunate. Online music for me mainly involves Radio Paradise and Bandcamp, which at least supports artists directly. I'm not decrying the use of streaming services anymore than I condemn buying second hand music; in doing this I don't always prioritize the artists. It's good to...
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    Music streaming

    I've attached an article printed in private eye (here in the UK) that speaks of a current investigation into the music streaming industry. Please take a few moments to read it through. We all love music, but where would we be without those who make it?
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    LED Colour

    White, or lilac If you please. But very dim.
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    EWA LS-40 speaker cable

    EWA LS-40 loudspeaker cable, with fresh heatshrink branding and breakout clamps. State of the art cable designs at EWA Audio | United Kingdom | ABCaudio Phenomenal response, measured at 3M (the phase readings were to small to capture reliably at 1M). Specification courtesy of our technical...
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    Radio Paradise

    Yes, the mobile app is superb. Download whatever stream you prefer in advance, days of it if you like. Play, skip tracks, cast to a cast device, or a bluetooth receiver... It's all great. Or, load the steam links into your hifi renderer or player app (like Bubbleupnp). The FLAC stream honestly...
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    Hello from Greenbrier County, West Virginia

    Welcome to this friendly place! What beautiful gear...
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    Radio Paradise

    I'm a huge fan of Radio paradise, a commercial free internet radio station run by Bill and Rebecca Goldsmith. It's supported by voluntary donations, and has several stream options: standard, rock, mellow and eclectic. To be honest, the standard mix is so good and wide ranging that I hardly need...
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    How much...?!!

    Thanks gents, for opening my eyes to something I had no clue about. Another thing I had no clue about... It seems that, should I use a custom clearing house, the relevant taxes can be added by me, the seller/exporter, at checkout. Might prove to be quite a wallop... Expect a few abandoned...
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    How much...?!!

    Thank you, both. So about $550 over UK list price. Approximately +20%. I'll take that as a ballpark figure for amps and cables, I think. I was trying to get my head around how this works, it seems Canada has a federal GST (5%) while the UK has a VAT (20%) system, but then there are localised...
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    Hello, Canucks!

    I'm not the only one to give a shout out to the Hip this week, check this out: Apparently there's supposed to be Gord Downie out sometime soon?