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    My life with the Reisong Boyuu A10 EL34 tube far...

    Bought one based off the hype and online reviews. Very disappointed. There are some mod ideas going on Audiokarma and DIY audio. Thinking the OT transformers are the limiting factor.
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    Your new TVC pre

    Work of art as usual Nate. Might have to try one.
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    I need a screw.

    Might be a threaded rivet.
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    Breaking Up is Hard to Do - Playlist

    Amazing Rhythm Aces. Burning the Ballroom Down.
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    Today's Folk/Americana

    Here are two we were listening to tonight. Highly recommend both.
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    Plans this evening?

    Easy night. Few beers with a couple of friends in bed early. Don’t think we have made it to midnight for years.
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    This is not right

    Great idea on the pot in the Magnavox Paul. Just built the passive pre to use in my good stereo. This was just an experiment to make sure it worked correctly.
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    This is not right

    Pot is a 10K. Experimented with a 50K and a 20k. This just sound so good with “average” equipment. People remark on how good it sounds. Just trying to figure out why.
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    This is not right

    Sorry. It’s just an old Magnavox 6V6 with minor mods, a DIY passive preamp, an old Panasonic DVD player, and some QSC cinema surround speakers. All marginal stuff. I usually borrow out the Magnavox to friends to try out tubes.
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    This is not right

    I built this passive preamp and just threw together this test bed in the garage. Due to COVID, the wife and I have been spending some time with friends passing time in the garage listening to this. It sounds way better than it should. What was a 2 hour experiment turned into a 3 week residency...
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    Christmas Music Thread

    Quality recording but pretty serious Christmas music.
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    Passive preamp

    Thanks Paul. They were both log/audio. Need to do some research on the componet impedances. Definitely had some mismatches with a 50k pot. Thanks for the help! Thanks, Andy
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    Passive preamp

    Changed to a 10k pot. Really an improvement. Can use complete knob rotation now. Bass seems like it improved substantially. Very happy camper! The details and soundstage is great. Thanks, Andy
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    Passive preamp

    Thanks Paul. Is there a fix?