More of a fan and collector of favourite music than any kind of hifi purist. Mostly into nearfield listening in a dedicated room/office via 'vintage'/old equipment: Yamaha (RX-V420) amp running Pioneer, Celestion and DIY speakers, Aegis centre speaker, Wharfedale sub, Sherwood turntable, budget stuff — in a 'sort of' HT placement. Like sitting in giant earphones: plenty of clarity, definition, depth, surround, even with the music of the past that I love: fifties rock'n'roll, rockabilly, country, big band and other classic jazz, fifties pop, some orchestral, etc; cut-off point: pre Bleatles, Rolling Drones, etc. My 'system' sounds spot-on to my admittedly geriatric (78 year) ears. Old enough to appreciate what's good/great/adequate/affordable and to laugh at the endless proliferation of snake oil claims and other hifi BS. But always cruising the related websites and forums, interested in learning more. Hence my presence here at the first forum I've registered for: really dig the civilised exchange of opinions and lack of carping and point-scoring — a bit unusual in such a forum .
Apr 17, 1943 (Age: 78)
Sydney, Australia