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    WTB: Plinth for Denon DP-75 (DK-300, DK-2300, etc)

    Yep, I paid $193.00 for my Victor UA-7045 tonearm and the calculator said it was going to be around 48.00 shipping. In the end it was around 80 bucks as they needed to repackage it for DHL shipping. I'm not upset as it turns out the tonearm looks like it is NOS so I think I got a great deal...
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    My modified SOTA Moonbeam.

    First thing I did was remove the crude platter, which was flat plastic with a glued on mat and a center hole that looked like someone's cross-eyed step-sister whittled it out with a pocket knife, missing true center and replaced it with a Pro-Ject acrylic platter. I almost spit my coffee out...
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    Any JVC turntable fans here?

    Had a little time yesterday so I finished up the tonearm insert for the Victor arm. Still need to get it all set up yet. I picked up a nice black granite piece of countertop and had it cut to the same size as the plinth. I'll set that on top of my 16" deep rack. TT is 20" deep so the feet would...
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    Everything Western Electric

    So sorry to hear that. Prayers and best wishes for your brother. BillWojo
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    Everything Western Electric

    My oldest brother ( now in his 80's ) worked as a tube engineer at the Western Electric Plant in Allentown Pa. Once you get him talking about WE and tubes he can't stop. @Poultrygeist, invite your brother to write some story's for this forum. Very little to no information on what it was...
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    SOLD. Dyna ST-70 project kit (and a long story)

    Well, that didn't take long and somebody got a great deal. BillWojo
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    SOLD. Dyna ST-70 project kit (and a long story)

    That's a great deal for someone that wants to build a ST-70. All the good stuff is included. BillWojo
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    WTB JVC/Victor PH-6 headshell and tonearm cable

    Looking for a nice JVC/Victor PH-6 headshell. Also looking for a RCA to 5 pin DIN cable with a straight connector for my Victor tonearm. Uses the same style as a lot of tonearms use. Thanks BillWojo
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    Any JVC turntable fans here?

    The TT 61 is a fine table, holds speed quite well. It's not quartz locked and when I was offered a TT 71 that was serviced at a good price I just couldn't resist. Otherwise I would have been happy with the TT 61 although I never use the pitch adjustment feature. Typical JVC build quality. I'm...
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    Aikido nine pin preamp

    Your nutz! But in a good way, I like it. My first tube preamp was a Broskie 9 pin, the later one with the power supply and tube circuit all on one board. I think it was built by him, came in the nice case and professionally built. Super quiet and detailed, a bit sterile for my taste so I moved...
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    Pre-Amp Build

    Looks like it will have a well regulated PS. Love the glow of gas regulators. Billwojo
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    Any JVC turntable fans here?

    Slow but steady progress, I mounted up the Audio Technica ATP-12T arm tonight, still need to make some minor corrections like the tonearm lift rubber piece. Was straight o-ring cord material and try as I might, it wouldn't glue down nicely. I think I have some o-rings I can cut up, at least they...
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    FS Victor TT 61 motor drive unit

    Up for sale is a rare Victor TT 61 motor drive unit. I believe these were only sold in Japan. Runs on 100VAC, will include a step down transformer for an extra 20 bucks if needed. Unit runs great, it came with a Victor two arm plinth and I picked up a higher model drive unit. This sale is...
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    WTB Victor UA-7082 tonearm

    I did check with Vlad and he doesn't have anything at the moment. Still looking. BillWojo
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    WTB Victor UA-7082 tonearm

    That looks great! What cartridge are you going to be using? BillWojo