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    DC Blocker Plus

    OK lets see who can work out what the other parts of the circuit do just for fun?
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    DC Blocker Plus

    Here FOC a DC Blocker Plus a Few odd Bits. And Gerber Files enjoy.
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    International shipping costs

    Here in England, the tax imports have wrecked any purchase from over sea, government is far to greedy. Sending and receiving of parcel with all including our Post Office, post and smash deliveries service, has gone up, it always the way marketing greedy people work, demand up lets charge more...
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    3D printing shenanigans

    Many thanks very interesting, I might try a concrete amp case he he
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    3D printing shenanigans

    I like the idea of 3D printing was looking into just a few days ago for amp chassis, found a nice company, just me bloody useless a mech CAD design. Have anybody worked with this company? and how much would say a standard 17inch chassis cost? and what material? Me not good at mechanical stuff at...
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    The Covid-19 thread.

    For the first time in over a year, I went with Stepson Sam for a Pub meal outside by a river bank, the food was great, But the Redhead Waitress was lovely and so helpful, Then we bought from the antique shop a desk for Sam's new flat. Oh the food and IPA was smashing. Take a peak:-...
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    Are the Queens awards a Joke ?

    Applications for the 2022 Queen's Awards for Enterprise open on May 1, 2021. Guess what my old cable designs MD (he he) applied and got it again like when he applied for tax grants on RD that I did. And all the other freebie meaning less garbage, but greed dies with the man, and soon GM soon...
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    The Covid-19 thread.

    Had second Jab on Tues , Weds was a bad day felt like crap, and yet no reaction to first one, feel ok today just a craving for ice cream mmmmm Stay well guys best to you all BIG HUG
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    The Covid-19 thread.

    Hi Gang, is everybody OK? 😃
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    Good bye Retirement and IGBT

    I have been crazy busy, had some new ideas and I have to try them or I go bang. Best to HFS I pop over there now.
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    The only pair of 50W TOCA SECA in the world, at home in the SW of England.
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    The Covid-19 thread.

    How is the JABS going over in the states as a whole, we get here only the bad news. Be safe keep writing.
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    Anyone Else Watching PS Audios YouTube Videos?

    Paul is clever lad, and his son writes to me sometime and from his home called a ambulance to my home and saved my life.
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    Show us your Cell Phone Pics!

    My mum at 18yrs old, 69yrs ago, she was carrying me at the time. And she is still with us and still nagging, but mine and my sisters and brothers Mum.
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    watt finally builds an amp (results TBD)

    This bring back memories with my Granddad, when he showed me how to build valve kit. One was the PSU supply, the inductor/choke at 50 and 60Hz is massive, we/he used multiple voltage doubler circuits after the main HT transformer, so as you double the voltage you also double the frequency of the...