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    Conical Stylus for mono rekkids- suggestions please

    Fantastic info and advice. Thank you!
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    The Covid-19 thread.

    My biggest frustration right now is family members ignoring their health care professionals and friends and family in the profession (nurses, pharmacists, caregivers, healthcare proxies, etc) and instead taking advice from a fistful of talk radio hosts with their opinion based programming and...
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    The Covid-19 thread.

    So the booster is at this time not seen as essential for most people. However, it has been mentioned that it may be a good choice for those with health issues and compromised immune systems. I assume those in an advanced age bracket would benefit too. I myself would get a booster immediately if...
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    What CDP or DAC cured your itch to keep looking?

    That Border Patrol DAC looks interesting- thank you for sharing!
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    Need smaller speakers- where to go, what to do?

    I’ve never heard a bad sounding Dynaudio. Perhaps they exist, but I haven’t heard one. Same for ProAc. Currently all my speakers are Morel based- Renaissance Audio (which was Morel until there was some issue with the name usage between the American brand and the Israel branch), and Merlin. Sadly...
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    Some of the issues with the resurgence of vinyl popularity over the last decade or so have presented some new buying dilemmas. There’s the quality control issue for new vinyl, which I assume is due to multiple causes- a backlog of work trying to get forced through the plant and out the door...
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    *Almost* nothing to see here...

    Oh I’d really like to hear this!
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    I have that with one disc myself- it quickly jumps from lead in groove silence past the first couple of seconds of the first track beginning, a bit violently like I bumped the needle, but it’s just the pressing defect sending the needle abruptly to where it can take purchase.
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    It’s been a letdown but fortunately, save for the occasional record littered with pops and tics, after the first track many have been pretty quiet on the deck and play fine the rest of the way. But yes, not confidence inspiring at the beginning.
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    "That" recall letter...

    I’ve seen a few of the paste-overs in the flesh. I’ve been told many of these “butcher” covers have had the paste-overs steamed off, and if you find one still in-tact, it’s now best to leave it that way. I have a copy of the bland cover version, not a paste-over, so not anything exciting...
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    The Covid-19 thread.

    Nothing exciting- just quick candid snapshots of the night during this weird period.
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    The Covid-19 thread.

    Today tempers were again quite short over this. The animosity and frustration, it’s tearing friendships and families apart. Some surreal, dystopian reality with people stressed, worried, and at their cracking points. And provocateurs on talk radio and various opinion based news shows stoking the...
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    How Many of These Great K-Tel Products Did You Have?

    I have some K-Tel compilation here, played it last week. Pretty good selection of songs and bands, but flat, muffled, lackluster sound. It’s not a worn or damaged record- it’s just sporting a dark sound with limited dynamics. There’s a second one I recently unloaded on a friend- a real eclectic...
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    A new one to me- the term “non-fill”. Unfortunately not a new experience. I have been experiencing this od phenomenon lately uniquely with newer pressings. The first track, close to the edge, a short-lived, soft “ripping” or hash-like static sound, which can be both channels, but often in one...
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    Mushroom Party

    Oh boy! Rare to see much around these parts- there have been a few chanterelles but never seen morels. A trip north to Maine and it seems a different story- all kinds of goodies on the ready.