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    How to determine compliance of a diy tone arm?

    Tonearms do not have compliance as such, the important factor in tonearm / cartridge matching is the arm Eff Mass. Cartridges have compliance (springiness of the cantilever) So a high compliance cart sat 25 x 10-6cm/Dyne, quite high. So you would need an arm with an Eff Mass of around 10 to 12...
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    Lyra Delos

    What arm are you using, that will dictate recommendations. Cheers
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    Stevenson protactor

    Plus 2 for the Hoffman alignment gauge. Allows you to set the cart up to any of the 3 curves. Just because it's a Rega does not mean you need to use their recommendation, it's just a recommendation. Cheers
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    What other cart can I try?

    The 1st thing to advise is what tonearm are you using. A tonearm / cartridge match is paramount to getting the best sound from your cart. Also what is your budget and would you consider refurbished S/H, that's where the bargains are to be found. Cheers
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    Standalone Tonearm Pods?

    You got it, my original prototype pod was made out of scrap wood & 3 empty cardboard toilet rolls!! filled with dried sand from the local beach. Cheers
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    Standalone Tonearm Pods?

    Another one, this is our Temaad Pod, The pod columns themselves are filled with lead. The 3 adjustment screws allow for independent arm adjustment for height etc. Available in kit form at custom heights to suit your platter height Cheers
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    Sony XL-55 MC refurbished with new Stylus/Cantilever by VAS USA

    Hi, Sorry about that, I am looking for US$550 for it. Cheers
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    Cartridge lifespan

    The answer is not the work your vinyl is making the cartridge do, but the work your arm is making it do. The better the arm, the less arm friction & therefore less work for the cartridge to overcome. The Hana has Elliptical stylus, so up to 1500 hours should be OK, The get it checked & possibly...
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    59 steps Variable Resistors

    Hi, Yes I have seen them before, when I was searching for a V/C for my Pass B1-Korg. They certainly are a good price compared to Khozmo, However I could not find any reviews on the products so I decided to go with a Muses V/C. Cheers
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    Sony XL-55 MC refurbished with new Stylus/Cantilever by VAS USA

    Sony XL-55 MC cartridge, regarded as Sony's best sounded cartridge & still better than anything available up to around $3,000. This unit was traded in decapitated with an arm for one of my Temaad 12'' arms. I in-turn sent it off to VAS in the USA who checked it out & fitted a new Boron...
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    Temaad Merlin Magnesium Tonearm 12" Uni-Pivot, Pickup Arm

    You only live once, especially now!! Bought with Arm pod add another GBP 75. (but obviously shipping cost will increase) Cheers
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    Temaad Merlin Magnesium Tonearm 12" Uni-Pivot, Pickup Arm

    EX-Demo unit, We did a trial a couple of these arm's last year, comparing it to our standard carbon fibre & titanium arm tubes. This is a very, very good sounding arm, say about 98% as good as our $3000 Merlin titanium arm when both are fitted with VDH wire and for some people it may be just...
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    Turntable arms

    Hi, The Hana is a tricky one as they do not specify what the compliance of the EL or SL is. However the HL is around 15, so you should aim for an arm with an Eff Mass of around 16 to 20 grams. With the EL for lighter arms, say a Rega RB 250/300 you can always add a head shell spacer to add...
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    Turntable arms

    Generally there are two types of Tonearm available now. - Low/ medium Eff mass which covers a range of 4 grams to 12 grams, with something like the Moerch 12'' reaching 14 grams. - Med/ high Eff Mass arms, this covers the remaining range of 14 to say 26 grams, here say the Temaad Merlin 12';'...
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    Turntable arms

    There are several advantages with a 12'' arm over a 9'' Negative -As advised earlier it is difficult to get a low Eff Mass, even Moech's 12'' goes out at 14 grams, mine is 18 grams -Need for a larger than normal plinth, can be a problem, but I use a separate arm pod to overcome this. Plus -Lower...