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    Wanted Garrard 301 or 401 or SP10 MKii, plus a golden goose.

    Here is a little inspiration for the Garrard hunt.
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    Speaker Cables, Trying a Few Things

    Purple and Green. Ugh.
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    Might Be Getting a Visitor

    PM the Italian stuff is impressive. They seem to be unable to just build something without adding that little Italian touch somewhere. Been giving this Unison Research hybrid tube Integrated a spin. Has a bunch of nice Parts Connexion upgrades too.
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    the awful slide of a once revered name

    Almost all of them, at least for time periods. JBL has barely survived unscathed. Same with Klipsch.
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    Speaker Cables, Trying a Few Things

    After wrestling with (and losing the fight - only one black eye but no holes in woofers) my pair of XLO Reference cables it's time for me to start the experimenting too. While large and thus heavy speakers are difficult to manage and move around at times, these XLO's are like fighting a Kraken...
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    Greetings from Ohio

    Welcome aboard.
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    And you thought you were leaving Eucalyptus Gum trees behind in San Diego! While Gum doesn't make for the best most reliable lumber (too fast growing), it sure seems fine for veneer! The number of massive Eucalyptus trees I've removed from golf courses in CA and AZ would probably shock you.
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    I Do Hate Cartridge Alignment!

    Sorry, this thread is for complaints only. EMT. Hmm
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    I Do Hate Cartridge Alignment!

    Yes, the nuts and bolts! Argh.
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    Gates CB-500. Big.

    Watt, did you put a finish of some sort on that maple base? Can't tell if there is s clear coat on it or not. If not, get one on there before it warps on you. Both sides.
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    I Do Hate Cartridge Alignment!

    I probably don't know how to determine if my setup is correct, so yes, an odd process that also seems antiquated after all this time. Not sure there has ever been a product and industry that has allowed this level of potential user error and uncertainty to proliferate. PM you have identified...
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    A new horn model

    Cool. Nice sounding small horns are needed. Something to pair with the 12" woofer mid driver like the 32. 1" correct?
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    Meadowlark Swift YouTube review.

    Good friend of mine has a YouTube channel and borrowed my set of Swifts to experience for a few weeks and do a video about. Check it out. 2Channel Listening - Meadowlark Swifts It was pretty funny when my wife didn't notice they were gone from the master bedroom for a week until she saw his...
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    Audio Rendezvous 2021

    We are having a show, swap, sale gathering here in Boise on May 15th! We've (Boise Vintage Audioholics Society) teamed up with the local Vinyl Preservation Society on this to include music media as well (just not vinyl). A small booth and door fee donation will all go to a local instruments...