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    Cartridge shim recommendations?

    MDF is a good choice.
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    Retip or new cart?

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    Nelson Pass Aleph J

    Dipole H frame woofers & 2 different top hats. I suppose the 45's performance would have been better with more sensitive speakers. Love seats not there anymore. As a matter of fact my wife bought new couches a while back
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    Nelson Pass Aleph J

    Well heck. I think the 45's are headed back to the closet. The Aleph J does everything the 45's do and in spades. It makes it all sound very easy where as the tubes struggle at times. Up next to tubes with a bit more oomph such as 300b's it may be a different story. 45's might also be a real...
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    The coffee drinkers club thread.

    Good for 2 and then it needs to cool. We bought a Robot.
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    Nelson Pass Aleph J

    Pulled that rectifier tube. It wasn't up to the task. Sounded was distorted and really apparent with female vocals. 5V4 g. I should go in and reset voltage on the 5842'a and check bias again.
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    Nelson Pass Aleph J

    And back to the Electra Print iron with some good old fashion 45's. You don't need to spend $$$$ on tubes to get that good ol' 45 sound. This time with a fancy rectifier tube What I've discovered is the 45's seem to be more detailed than a 2a3. That tuby feeling isn't as prevalent. Great...
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    Merry Christmas Haven friends.

    Merry Christmas. It sure is quiet at home these days. haven't seen any of the family sense Feb.
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    Nelson Pass Aleph J

    Nice background noise for now.
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    Nelson Pass Aleph J

    5 hours run time. Very very nice sound's coming through here. It's got speed, dynamics and clarity. Is it better than the Aleph J. That's hard to say. It doesn't take a back seat to it though. Today I will bias some real 45's and pull these overgrown EML's out. This amp reminds me of the...
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    Nelson Pass Aleph J

    This is a tough ack to follow. EML 45's, excellent quality Electra Print iron. It's just warming up and I'm glad I drug it off the shelf. More to come.
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    Woody’s Technics SL-1200MK2 Project

    Deck looks great. PS mod is on the list of to do's. From scratch of course. And you've ditched the strobe.