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    Kutztown May 7th and 8th 2021

    I think it’s more radio-focused than Kutztown, but the Dayton Hamvention is a biggie. Home - Hamvention Also canceled this year.
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    Speaker Cables, Trying a Few Things

    Having already sampled the Belden 9497 Kool-Aid, I’m giving this a try:
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    The Covid-19 thread.

    We will be two weeks out from our second Moderna shots next Thursday. Next Friday, we are taking an Uber to our favorite taqueria - the last place we ate out in February 2020 before my partner’s illness and the arrival of COVID. We’ll walk down the street to the First Friday event at Dayton’s...
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    Wanted Garrard 301, plus a golden goose.

    It’s gorgeous, but I’m a bottom-feeder. Any top-tier idler of mine is going to have to be an as-found example acquired relatively inexpensively and brought back to service “on the installment plan”.
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    Wanted Garrard 301, plus a golden goose.

    I wish that 301 that was local to me would have come together for you. I regularly lament not having the scratch when the seller first offered it to me at $700. They’re not getting any thicker on the ground. I tried unsuccessfully to snag a TD-124 in a trade last week. It might have assuaged...
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    the awful slide of a once revered name

    And with Shinola’s entry into audio with the Runwell turntable, the “Schiit and Shinola” jokes write themselves!
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    I trust youse guyses - what do any/all of y'all think of/about Joanna Newsom?

    How about this, @mhardy6647: Joanna Newsom narrated the 2014 film adaptation of Thomas Pynchon’s Inherent Vice, and at least since her second album is probably the most Pynchonesque songwriter I can think of working today.
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    I trust youse guyses - what do any/all of y'all think of/about Joanna Newsom?

    To give some context: Back in the mid-aughts, as there have been for decades, there were a lot of freaky hippie-types playing music that, broadly speaking, occupied the spectrum between folk and psychedelic rock. One particularly talented and photogenic twentysomething pod of them lived in the...
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    I trust youse guyses - what do any/all of y'all think of/about Joanna Newsom?

    Each of JN’s albums has displayed a jump in musical mastery and intellectual complexity, and there’s no sign yet that she’s plateaued. That said, there’s certainly an argument to be made that each successive release is less accessible than the last, or to be vulgar, that she’s disappearing...
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    Is Decware worth the investment

    This certainly drives home how overpriced the Decware amp is.
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    Haven "Pub" Night - Saturday April 17- 9PM

    Looks like I’ll miss the festivities tonight. Have fun, everyone!
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    Greetings from Ohio

    Sounds like some fun gear, and you’ve already noticed that HFH is full of people who will encourage your obsessions! There’s a few fellow Ohioans here. I’m in Dayton (and working on a 604-8G project).
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    New SET.....

    14 months in, I continue to regard my A205A MKII as one of my all-time best audio purchases. I believe @Ernie and @TubeHiFiNut are also in the club.
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    Cool, Oddball, Vintage and Bizarre stuff for sale

    Transformers potted with this oven will sound 2x as good and command 5x the price!
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    CD Changers: Love/Hate

    Maybe I got spoiled by that first Sony changer, circa 1996. I have no idea whether my parents bought it used or new (likely used) but it soon replaced a slightly older single-disc player we got in 1995 - our first CD player. The changer felt like a necessity after all those 1¢ BMG Record Club...