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    New Member from the PNW

    I thought there were only like 12 guys in Central Oregon that are into audio. :)
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    I'm fed up with my AR-XA

    Whatever one's opinion of the AR XA, we should all be able to agree that it had a huge impact on the turntable market. I got my Dad's XA back in 2008 and still have it. Stock. For me, I knew it could sound good, but also knew that comes at a cost, like any other table. I have had a Thorens TD160...
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    Lenco L70 on premises

    Lenco ... the poor man's Garrard 301/401 :) Or at least that is how it was explained to me before jumping into Lenco's. Fun tables and I really like the motor design and general design and build quality. I've had a few, but keeping the Goldring Lenco GL75 (rebadged for UK) and finishing up a...
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    Cassettes, again: Nakamichi LX-5

    The LX series were (like many other Naks) real lookers. I especially liked the brushed aluminum contrasting with black. I've had a few tape decks, mostly Nakamichi, and still love one deck enough that I hope to keep as long as I can hear. This Dragon was given to me from the original owner. A...
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    New Member from the PNW

    I finally caught up with you AudioFreak :) Matt over/down in Bend, OR ... I wonder who else I know here ...