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    ICE fans ... it’s over. Ford Wants to Sell You an Electric S.U.V. It’s Called a Mustang.

    No, I think that lovechild would look something like this (grill big enough?)
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    Today's Folk/Americana

    And it’s a concertina, not an accordion. :grandpa:
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    The coffee drinkers club thread.

    If I’m not brewing at home and I’m on the road I still prefer Tim Horton’s, the best of the fast food coffees, imo. And the franchise seems to be expanding. Among the first pics returned from Mars:
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    Good TV While Locked in the House?

    I’m late to the party about Patriot on Amazon Prime. Tremendous.
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    Today's Classical Music Playlist

    Somewhere between John Adams and Phillip Glass is Oliver Davis. And occasionally he’ll slip in an outlier that sounds like a beautiful song penned by Harry Nilsson
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    What's in your glass?

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    Pics of Pets

    After almost knocking the stove-ready meatloaf pan to the floor, someone was banished from the kitchen for the remainder of the food prep.
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    Today's Classical Music Playlist

    A new live performance recording beautifully done which I now prefer over the Hilliard Ensemble under Paul Hillier recording. Quite remarkable.
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    Today's Classical Music Playlist

    It’s Rameau Friday w/Christie and Les Arts Florissants
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    Made the Cover of The Absolute Sound

    Congats, I hope you continue to do well. The Elba II is a very handsome speaker, like a nice cognac in balanced leaded crystal glass. Nicely reviewed and reasonably priced. If they sound as good as they look then you should have a best seller. I’d have to sell several speakers before I was in...
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    What books are you reading during isolation?

    Yup, same problem here, Neuromancer, MLO, BC ... brilliant! Then the others ... not so much. What happened? I have the same problem with Stephenson. Snow Crash ... briliant! But the trilogies bore me, a huge yawn. Do they pay him by the word? (Truman Capote on Kerouac: “That’s not writing...
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    The Covid-19 thread.

    Couldn’t agree with you more. There are politicians who knew the threat and the danger and still deliberately lied to the American people, telling us that this was no big deal while going out of their way to ridicule safe practices, and derail the hard work of scientists, medical professionals...
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    What books are you reading during isolation?

    The little I remembered from my school days about James Garfield was that he was assassinated by a crazed radical early into his presidency. That’s all. Being raised in Richmond, VA it seemed that all 19th c American history was about was Lincoln, the Civil War, Grant’s presidency and the...