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    Digitizing records with a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and Pro-Ject 1-Xpression Carbon Turntable

    I started down the path you are pursuing. After 30 albums and 60 hours I'd had enough. Went to Discogs, Amazon and other sources and bought the cd's for 2.99 to 8.99 and just rip'd from there. I know there are alot you can't get on cd or cd for cheap but got the ones I would like to listen to...
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    Hi From UK

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    I. Like. Big.... Amps-and-I-cannot-lie.

    Still have my Carver VTA-180 tube mono blocks which have more than enough power for any speaker(s) I have, (180 watts per), but... Went to these about 2 years ago trying to "update" my system - PS Audio Class D mono amps. 350/700 watts each. Traded in my Parasound 3500 (which I had 2 of for...
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    That itch.

    Me: I don't need anything for my system anymore, excepting some tweaks. 2 years later - itch scratched - EAT C Sharp TT and a Sumiko Blackbird cart. And a new to me dac. Wife: You sell anything yet?
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    Sometimes I forget...

    Damn..........that makes my 900 hours kinda puny.
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    Suggestions for turntable based system

    SVS Prime Wireless SoundBase. $500. Used Phono Pre for $200. Leaves $800 for used speakers. I can't imagine you don't already have an idea of some good stand mount speakers that would fill the bill! Lots of options for inputs and flexibility of using an app.
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    Tommy Bolin Festival Aug 7

    You guys slay me! 🤣👌
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    Tommy Bolin Festival Aug 7

    While most threads deal with audio equipment shows thought I'd post this one instead. Hope it's ok. Never been but plan on going this year. Tommy Bolin Festival August 7th and in Sioux City, IA. Probably a bunch of old farts and some bands attempting to play his music but a chance to meet some...
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    Hi from Oz

    Glad you are here. Welcome!
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    Listening Bar

    Nick - hope you are tuned in............. you should know around the KC area. I don't know any around the 40 states of KS. When I was in Okinawa there was definitely one bar that was the "listening bar". Mostly doing progressive rock and FM rock. Of course the "smoking" rules were very lax as well!
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    Today's Jazz Playlist

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  13. 2015 Indian Chieftain

    2015 Indian Chieftain

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    A rekindled audio obsession

    Wow - lots of good advice herein. I'm kinda more going to go with your "I must have sound like that" statement. Also, let me say this from the get go - I have been leery of dealers as it seemed they don't take the time to know what you like. However, AudioThesis is making more sense than...