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    I. Like. Big.... Amps-and-I-cannot-lie.

    That's a Dynakit ST-35 that I built a few years back. I bought the kit from Dynakitparts and added the Gillespie enhanced fixed bias mod.
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    The Pro Amplifier Thread

    My favorite pro amp to date has been the Yamaha PC4002M. Phenomenal sounding amp! I also run a Crown XLS-1502 from time to time for subwoofer/bi-amp duty.
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    I. Like. Big.... Amps-and-I-cannot-lie.

    Some nice amps in this thread! I like to keep a couple big amps around for power hungry speakers.
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    Another recapping question (speakers). Because I’m bored.

    Those look like film caps which have a longer lifespan than electrolytic caps. Chances are they're probably still within spec. That said, it wouldn't take much time, effort, or money to replace them with some better quality film caps and see if your ears can notice the difference. If nothing...
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    SOLD - Mark Levinson No.39 CD Processor - Factory Serviced and Recapped

    Doh! Minor updated. Thanks, it is a phenomenal piece of gear. Only selling to fund another purchase.
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    SOLD - Mark Levinson No.39 CD Processor - Factory Serviced and Recapped

    Up for sale is the highly versatile Mark Levinson No.39 CD processor. This unit not only functions as a reference level CD player, but it can also be used as a stand alone DAC and preamp. The No.39 essentially combines the No.37 CD transport with elements from the No.36 DAC and No.380 preamp to...
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    KEF 104.2 Restoration, trials, tribulations and success! Pics included!

    Nice work, Glenn! I enjoyed the time I spent with my old 104.2's. Definitely not an easy speaker to recap/restore, but worth the effort in my opinion if you're handy. I'm sure the owner will be pleased with your work and the much improved SQ!