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    New Member from South Florida

    Welcome to the Haven @apogeelov . Nice set up!
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    Happy Birthday SOund Dragon

    Have a good one!
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    Hello from Belgium

    Welcome to the Haven @Tin1976 .
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    Paul Barker Intro

    Welcome to the Haven @Paul Barker !
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    Happy Birthday Tsingtao_1903

    It's your birthday here at the Haven! :)
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    Hi! New member from daneland

    Welcome to the Haven @Jespera ! Nice set up!
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    Happy Birthday Tsingtao_1903

    Happy Birthday @Tsingtao_1903 !
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    Happy Birthday Shelby1420

    Happy Birthday @Shelby1420 !
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    RIP Charlie Watts

    A major loss. Stones are one of my favorites. RIP Charlie.
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    807 tubes galore. Opinions and tips on usage of this big bottle

    Nice find. Looking forward to the test results.
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    Hello from the Czech Republic

    Welcome to the Haven @pelanj !
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    Hello from the Big Apple

    Welcome to the Haven @jegreenwood !
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    Welcome thetubeguy1954 to Hifi Haven!

    Welcome to the Haven @thetubeguy1954 !
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    Vintage Skeeter

    I have a video if I can get it to load. It planes out instantly. Shoots a small rooster tail at speed. I think I'll have more fun driving it than fishing. LOL.
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    Vintage Skeeter

    I finished the Skeeter and took it out. Everything went well. Runs around 30mph. Rather quik sitting a foot off the water. lol. It is a attention getter. Guess people haven't seen one in a few decades. On to the next project! :)