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    Hello From Seattle

    Welcome to the Haven. Great stuff you've got!
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    WTB Radio Craftsmen 500 / Williamson

    I sent you a PM (I think it's called chat in HFH world) with a thought.
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    New member from NJ

    Welcome to another Jersey guy!
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    DIY TA-7331-A here we go...

    Best of luck with the knee!
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    FS pair of classic Klipsch Heresy matching empty cabinets 1970s $200

    Well, I thought I did send a pm! Oh well - I guess I can't figure out the difference between "chat" and "conversation on the Haven, nor can I make either work. Operator error, I'm sure. So I'll just say it here - I'm considering these as a possibility for domestic use with the Altec 414s I got...
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    EL 84 amplifiers

    IIRC, the 12DW7 in the original design is 1/2 of a 12ax7 and 1/2 of a 12au7 in one envelope, and the revised lineup is to allow use of the more easily available tubes. (But I just had a birthday and sometimes doubt that I actually do recall correctly!)
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    Port Size For Altec 414a Retrofit

    I've seen people make a sliding cover for a larger slot to make it adjustable.
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    Digital for the Visually impaired

    I don't know about a current device, but I have an older generation Echo Input that is like the older Echo Dot, but without a speaker. I could swear it has analog or toslink output, but I can't find confirmation of the toslink online, so I'd have to wait until I'm home to check. And it's...
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    Speaking of things automotive -- and millennial anti-theft devices

    My family had a 4-peed B210 with a 4 speed and dealer installed a/c. And, as you say, NO power. I developed the habit of turning off the compressor at traffic lights and switching it on after I got into 2nd or 3rd gear.
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    Still one of the best system tours, ever!

    I also have an incomplete collection of Listeners that I enjoy going back to periodically, and would enjoy scans of the complete collection. I would bet that someone from Stereophile (Herb?) would be able to make contact with Art's wife and daughter (if they are the rights owners).
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    Upcoming Surgery

    Best of luck and here's hoping for a fast and easy recovery!
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    Not my N800s - it would be good if they had a diagram like the one on the N500s in the first photo in the thread.
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    Your favorite moving magnet and moving iron cartridges

    If you're going to collect an enormous amount of stuff, it's better to not be organized. That way, after a while, you find stuff you didn't know you had! (On the other hand, when you are looking for something you swear you have, it's much more difficult.)
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    ICE fans … it ain’t over … yet

    I had one of those - my first (nearly) new car. Light and fun!