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    These Karlson K12s are Tempting Me

    I would not hesitate a second. The drivers look very nice and this kind of coaxial/full range speakers sound usually really good in a K with some tactile midbass kick that is really ejoyable. I unfortunately have only one K15, since they are very rare in Europe.
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    Western Electric TA-7322 horn

    Actually, it seems that continuing the rollover beyond 180 degrees does not really improve situation (based on BEM simulations of free standing horns). The attached horn/waveguide is not one of my best prints, but it measures unbelievably well (it is a 260 mm diameter constant directivity...
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    happy black friday RSD? a contrarian view

    In CZ, the situation is pretty good. You can have a CD completely made in less than 14 days / 300 pieces and 100 pcs of LPs in about a month or two. And there is a big chance that some of the new LP releases were made in CZ. There is a record factory nearby my place, which does all from local...
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    A new, but old, wooden horn for the 2" Axi2050

    That is like Crocodile Dundee...Watch out, he's got a horn. What? No, that's not a horn, this is a horn! I would love to have such an object in my living room...but that is not gonna happen any time soon.
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    A new, but old, wooden horn for the 2" Axi2050

    Thanks. That gives me some idea, I am just limited to max 8 mm shank size tools on my router. I have a dust shoe designed by myself to fit the router and cyclone separator from Thingiverse. Works really nice, most of the dust ends in the bucket, definitely nothing flying around.
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    A new, but old, wooden horn for the 2" Axi2050

    May I ask you which kinds of router bits, RPM and feed values are you using for machining plywood? That is the part I am fighting with being a CNC noob. The things I make are pretty good, but I am sure I could optimize the process a bit. My favourite bit is 1/8" single flute upcut, I am using it...
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    A new, but old, wooden horn for the 2" Axi2050

    Nice. I would not dare to build such a thing using hand power tools, that is the reason why I bought a CNC router and I am step by step learning how to do it. Now I am at the level of dual expansion conical horns. My target is to build a pair of this kind of horns which would be good looking at...
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    Matrix multicell horns - deconstruction and reproduction attempts

    Thanks. It took a while to learn, but getting a 3D printer and replicating already an existing design is not that hard. That is how I started some two years ago. The small multicell cam be shared too, but I need to test it first if it makes sense to use it.
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    Matrix multicell horns - deconstruction and reproduction attempts

    And it also has a little brother:) The driver is B&C DE500.
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    Matrix multicell horns - deconstruction and reproduction attempts

    If there is anyone brave enough, I published th model on Thingiverse. 500 Hz exponential multicell horn for JBL2445 by pelanj I used tar based car under body paint to deaden and stiffen the walls and it seems to work quite well. I did some quick low level listening today and did not hear...
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    McIntosh Isoplanar radiator system

    I guess the point is, that the angles are there to reduce interference.
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    High efficiency speaker systems - using modern components or affordable replacements

    I could find some nice vintage stuff in Denmark and for reasonable prices - Altec original drivers in good shape and other stuff. The modern drivers - BC, Celestion, FaitalPro are great, there is no question about that. But what is missing is a small format driver able to drive large horns very low.
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    Western Electric 32A and Altec 32 variants.

    This is so true. Today I just tried if I could figure it out but I failed. The circle to pie transition I got more or less correct. To figure out the profile for rotation is really tricky, so I just did a quick mock-up to see the various cross sections and how the profile changes. I would say...
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    Sound Lasers!

    I think that will work quite well, in a similar way as the MDD speaker works - with the difference that an MDD is omnidirectional, K-tube has a narrower pattern. My model uses 9 square tubes logarithmically spaced over an octave for LF loading, the back of the 3FE22 is open, so maybe not having...
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    Sound Lasers!

    This is my 2" k-tube for 500 Hz and up. Unfortunately, I cannot test until I get back home in October.