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    Altec 311-90 and Altec 288c driver

    For sale is a Single Altec 311-90 horn and Altec 288c driver. They are in excellent condition. The horn is a little dusty but otherwise in perfect condition. The driver is in almost like new condition. You normally don’t see them this clean. It had its original diaphragm and sounds great. I’m...
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    Edcor CXPP-30-MS-5K OPT Transformer Pair 30watt 5k:4,8,16 Push Pull

    For sale is a pair of Brand New never used Edcor Transformers. They are PP 5k. I bought them for a build but that never happened. Buy these and you don't have to wait a month to get them. Price: $140 Free Shipping.
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    Marantz 8 Amplifier SOLD

    Its a Great amp and I really loved the look of it but I decided to go back to my roots of DIY stuff. I will use the funds to buy transformers and some vintage theater equipment. Knowing me I will probably buy that amp again sometime in the future.
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    Marantz 8 Amplifier SOLD

    Sold to a friend.
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    ID these mystery speakers?

    I say Goodmans or Lafayette coaxial
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    Marantz 8 Amplifier SOLD

    The 8 isn't as popular as the 8B. I don't know why. The 8 is pretty much a stereo 5 and uses the same exact transformers as the 5. And 5's are super popular. Its a weird world.
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    Marantz 10B Tuner NO Longer Available

    For Sale is a Marantz 10B tuner. It has been in my collection for a long time just sitting on a shelf so its time to go! The tuner is in original condition as I can tell and Works Great.. I hooked up a bare wire to the tuner and I pulled in some stations really good. Imagine if you used a Proper...
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    Marantz 8 Amplifier SOLD

    For sale is a Marantz 8 (not 8b). I have owned and used this amp for many years and its time for a New home. I have decided to just concentrate on my DIY stuff instead of Vintage Consumers pieces. When I got it had a lot of leaky caps so I recapped it using Nichicon QXP film caps( Terry Dewick...
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    Jaguar to go all-electric by 2025

    All Electric will not Happen Until maybe 2050. The entire Electric grid in every country will have to be upgraded or replaced. We are talking about Massive amounts of Energy to be consumed from charging Vehicles. The US grid can barely keep up on a Hot day with the load from A/C's and we know...
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    Wanted RCA Theater Amplifiers!

    If anyone has RCA Theater amps Contact me. I need to expand my collection. They will be used and not sit around collecting dust.
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    Mcintosh MC225 Amplifier for Sale SOLD!!

    For Sale is a Mcintosh MC225 amp that has been in my collection for about 5 years. During those 5 years it has been sitting on a shelf waiting to be used. I always like Mcintosh but I like DIY stuff more so thats the reason I never used this amp. Now its time for someone to actually use this amp...
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    Audio Technica ATP-12T NOS/NIB. SOLD!!!

    Tonearm Has Been SOLD
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    Audio Technica ATP-12T NOS/NIB. SOLD!!!

    For sale is a NIB ATP-12T tonearm. The arm has never been mounted and some of its parts are still in sealed bags. I bought it but never used it. Also I'm running a transcription table now so this arm is too short. $375 Free Shipping