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    Best Day of the Decade - New Corvette Reveal!

    Still the cheapest entry point to super car status. can out run a bunch of them too!
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    CONFLICTED SALE - Micro Seiki BL-51 with Jelco TS-550 Tonearm

    Dammit. This matches all the other wood crap in my listening room!!!!
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    OFF: Elsdon Wonfor Claymore Retro Integrated

    Been there.....completely understand.
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    Sold. Krell KSA 250

    She is going to a new home......Bittersweet moment.......
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    Back up for sale. Lounge Audio LCR III and Copla Enhanced.

    Back up for sale to feed the ever hungry project fund. Will ship on my dime. If sold before Friday the 19th, I will ship it express. So if you want it quick, you should buy it. Please feel free to make me an offer. But I think it's priced pretty well. Either way, let's chat.
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    Time to Go All In? - Getting a Digital Preamp

    Ok, so I have a confession to make. I have barely used my BK+ as a pre and never used the Phono Stage on it. It has served me as a Dac exclusively. But for you @Prime Minister, I will hook it up tonight and try to give you some thoughts on it compared to the Lounge LCR/Copla combination.
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    Topping D70 vs the passage of time.

    Just curious what it displays. Also, is it MQA capable?
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    Topping D70 vs the passage of time.

    Very nice bud! When you have a moment, would you mind taking a front shot with the display on?
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    Is This Really The World's Best Used Record Store?

    Woah!!! My wife won’t let me in there! At least not in the beginning of the trip.....
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    Topping D70 vs the passage of time.

    That is great news bud! I remember being more than pleased with my D30 and the new curator is pleased as punch too! This has potential to be a real bargain at its current list price. Keep us informed as the unit matures in your system.
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    SOLD: REL 7T/i Subwoofer - Pristine Condition

    Shoot.....but awesome as well!
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    Finding my way home (The 2020 Analog upgrade plan)

    So my slow trudge along the project path continues. The plinth is up next. Once the final dimensions are determined, a dust cover will be commissioned as well! I really hope that I can Document that progress as it happens. The Cart for this project is going to be an Ortofon Cadenza Bronze...
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    Something carbon, something wood, from Onkyo.

    Interesting. So a non-resonant cabinet with a brighter sound character.
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    Something carbon, something wood, from Onkyo.

    Don't see that every day! Not your typical Yamaha NS sound either. How would you compare them to say......British Monitors ala Harbeth?