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    TA-7331-A here we go...

    The photo Joe83 just posted is helpful, and it’s consistent with a comment Joe Roberts made somewhere a few years ago. Charles Michlin also has some info on the cabinet in his blog.
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    TA-7331-A here we go...

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    Nate builds an amp

    Those amps look rugged enough to fall off a truck and still keep playing. I remember an old Dynaco ad for the Mk III that said a guitarist in a rock band was on his way to a gig, and there was some kind of incident where a Mk. III amp got thrown out of the band's van and ended up in a tree...
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    Nate builds an amp

    Nice wiring technique Nate!
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    My Weird Relationship With Records

    I have been struggling with how to respond to the OP’s comments and his frustration with vinyl playback compared to digital. One of the problems is that it’s easier to get “good” sound out of digital than it is from LPs especially at a modest price point. I strongly disagree with those who...
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    "No charge for lousy sunsets"

    Nice timing. Just left Fagers Island in Ocean City, Md., with the sun just starting to set.
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    Altec 2 Way Build ala JELabs - 802/32/414

    Roscoe, I believe the HF equalization components are identical in the two crossovers. Altec’s ads and literature regarding the 9849 indicate they changed the crossover frequency at some point but I am not aware of any change in the eq for the 802. The small air core choke was the only part...
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    Push Pull 2A3

    If I understand you correctly, you are talking about changing from a single cathode resistor connected to both cathodes in a PP pair to separate cathode resistors for each tube. If so, each separate resistor should be twice the value of the common resistor. The cathode resistor is setting the...
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    Help with Understanding of Input Sensitivity in Solid State Amplifiers

    I would be skeptical about the Sonos volume setting. I am guessing it uses a digital attenuator which will introduce some distortion at less than maximum volume.
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    Help with Understanding of Input Sensitivity in Solid State Amplifiers

    A sensitivity of 0.15 volts for (presumably) full rated output is very high these days. It sounds like you are a prime candidate for an in-line attenuator. This plugs into your amp input jack, and the cables from your source plug into the back of the attenuator. It has a series resistor and a...
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    Horn obsessed, GaTech grad student, new to the forum!

    Welcome indeed! You'll find some sympathetic folks here. Lots of horn enthusiasts. And soon you will be building some tube amps---Guaranteed!
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    What are these Altecs?

    I had never heard of the Model 18 before so I had to look it up. The 18 appears to be an interesting option indeed and quite suitable for a DIY project. I wish I had known about that when I had my GPA 604-8G drivers.
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    Woody's Social Distancing Hifi Adventure

    That’s probably true but my experience is limited to the Emilar and 32 horns. Both of them sound better mounted on a vertical baffle such as the front panel the woofer is mounted on. I suspect metal horns in particular benefit from being rigidly attached to a wood surface; there is probably...
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    Woody's Social Distancing Hifi Adventure

    Woody, the Emilar/Showco horns sound better when they are mounted on a baffle instead of free-air.
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    New toy to help me through this Covid crap!!!

    That does look like a very solid and well-built amplifier. I hope it brings you many years of enjoyment.