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    Further signs of the End of the Age: Germany is having infrastructure problems

    You boys go ahead and enjoy your trivial pursuits on the audio website. Delete me from this worthless crap. All y'all
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    I Hate Vintage Audio! :(

    "Sort of ends up like the Hatfields and McCoys, analogue vs. digital, vintage vs. new debates, ie. relatively meaningless." My experience with Apple products have been the same: They work every time I turn them on. I had a PC at home since 1986. The last PC I had had Windows ME. Through the...
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    I Hate Vintage Audio! :(

    Some of you are talking about your tech. What if you're your own tech? It's a relatively inexpensive hobby, compared to my home machine shop and woodworking equipment. Learn how to do the work yourself. I learned how to do the work because nobody could do any better. All it takes is your time...
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    Qobuz Launches in the USA Today

    The weird tics you describe are the same as what happened with Apple Music on my iPhone. Over the years, I've spent a lot of money on iTunes, so I'll stay with the iPod or use iTunes on the smartphone. I use earbuds while I'm on the Metro to/from my hobby job, FM radio at the hobby job and...
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    Qobuz Launches in the USA Today

    I'll really like it if it doesn't start skipping, delaying, glitching like Apple Music did on the iPhone. I called Apple Music and was told it was because of my wireless service. Verizon wireless service said it was Apple Music. I cancelled the Apple Music subscription after about 2 years and am...
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    Anyone Tried A Cheap Smoker?

    Smoked meats using a Weber wood burning smoker is the best. Turkey, chicken, fish, venison, elk, bear. Yum, yum. Get some apple wood and soak it in water so it makes a lot of smoke.
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    Have an inventory with the catalog number. Should you have a loss, the insurance company will replace your LPs, CDs, etc with the latest issue if you don't have the catalog number. They won't care about first issue LPs and the like unless you have full coverage insurance. Some stuff is...
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    Saw Jorma & Jack Thursday night

    Just listened to "Save Your Love" with Jorma playing guitar when he was with Jefferson Starship. "Hit Single #1" is another all time favorite when Jorma was with Hot Tuna. I just hope he doesn't hate the music that made him famous, plays some of his old hits. I've been disappointed with some old...
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    Hickok 580a tube tester, could use some advice.

    You might want to read this: I have a calibrated Hickok 580A. It's used as a service tester. I don't match tubes and all that jazz. If I was in the tube selling business (which I'm not), I'd buy an eTracer or something like that.
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    The Beer thread.

    About 15 years ago, I built this all grain brewing system. PID heat controller, magnetically coupled pump, peristaltic pump with speed control, counterflow wort chiller, etc. Used an oriental wok cooker for the boiling pot, two turkey cookers for the mash tun and hot liquor tun. I would brew 20...
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    The Best Audio Stores

    Hudson's Audio, Albuquerque, NM and Audio Element, Pasadena, CA. There are a lot of other things I wasted money on so far in my life- never felt that way about stereo gear, music.
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    Simply Another Utter Novice's Amp Build - 300B

    I emailed Min last week regarding purchasing one of these kits. How long does it take for a reply? Thanks!
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    Tube noise? Might be oxide on the pins...

    Just wanted to share my experience in case anyone else should have this problem. I'm not sure about lowering noise levels in tubes, but cleaning the pins on the new to me 6L6GC tube that I received as a gift cured the random popping, crackling and clicking noises. Later in the day, I remembered...
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    Are these transformers useful for audio gear?

    Yes, I have both. Can you point me to a YouTube video or internet site that shows how to do this? I really looking for output transformers for a SET amp. Thanks!
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    Tube noise? Might be oxide on the pins...

    This morning, I was rolling 6L6GC tubes in one of my SET amps. After plugging in the tubes and powering on the amp, I got pops, clicks, cracking noises through one of the speakers, regardless of the volume. Switched tubes and the noises followed. Posted the question on DIY and someone...