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    Pioneer PL-41 just... a... little... slow...

    The Thorens Geniune Replacement belt is the only one for vintage tables that live up to the billing.
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    Pioneer PL-41 just... a... little... slow...

    I have a PL-50. Looks identical but has auto return. Not sure about the motor and such. First check to see where the belt is riding on the capstan, It should be in the middle, if it is high or low, it will affect your speed. The capstan height can be adjusted it is kid of a pain though. If...
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    Got some interesting new horns...

    Looks like early Renkus Heinz. Pretty common in the sound reinforcement world. Renkus-Heinz
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    Herbie’s Audio Lab Cyber Monday Sale

    I did, I have them on my Infinity Kappa 7's. I have spikes on the speakers so I bought that version. They help tremendously in speaker placement and as I recall, they cleaned up the sound a bit. I have had them in service for quite some time now so I don't recall how it sounded before...
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    Does Roon make sense for me?

    I went from Roon to Audirvana. Perfectly satisfied. I just could not justify the cost of Roon for a secondary source. I am primarily an analog guy.
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    I felt so dirty...

    I actually have quite a few Cassettes so I have a deck hooked into my system. WTH, I have the shelf and a tape input. I rarely listen to anything on it but it doesn't sound half bad.
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    Bass traps and other room treatments

    I have a difficult room. 13'6'x10'x9' My speakers are on the long wall. I have 4 - 2'x2' corner traps at the ceiling and 1- Stillpoints Aperture on the front wall. Sounds so much better than it should. The Aperture is an incredible piece. Replaced several other panels and the room sounds...
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    Passing the Hat - 2020

    Merry Christmas! Thanks for keeping this forum going PM. You are doing the Lord's work.
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    Hmmm... is it my stylus or the record?

    I clean the stylus per SS instructions after every use. I have a barely used AT OC9 II, which is nice but I have gotten the SS set up so well I hate to take it off unless I am sending it back. Exchanging the record will most certainly be the first step.
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    Hmmm... is it my stylus or the record?

    I am coming up in 3 years with my Soundsmith Aida. It is a wonderful phono cartridge. However, I am experiencing something unusual. My daughter gave me James Taylors “One Man Band” record for my birthday. I opened it up and put it on and there is some very noticeable distortion throughout the...
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    Happy Birthday Try1256

    Thank you. I am working on it.
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    Insanity? A Dive Back Into Analog

    Analog & tubes.... One of the many things I am thankful for today
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    Oh boy, OH BOY

    It is a bad boy for sure, Got it Saturday and smoked some burgers on Sunday for a little family get together. Yep, smoked em. Awesome. Gonna do ribs this weekend. Can't wait!
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    Oh boy, OH BOY

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    Belt vs Idler vs DD - Solid vs Suspended - How Would You Describe the differences.

    I have a Sota Star. Belt drive, suspended TT. Based on my experience with it, I will never know how it compares to a DD or idler. Just sayin....