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    SACD fans?

    Excellent. I've got an 80s pressing of that one, too. I'll get the new one!
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    SACD fans?

    I didn't know about a remaster, and I love that album. How new is new? I see a 2018 on OMD's site.
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    Old Avatar Day

    Same here. But I do like old avatar day.
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    Redboy’s garage gets an Easter upgrade

    "I had no idea," as they say. I have a 2238B in a wood case in the basement here. Probably less desirable than yours, but those prices do get a fella wonderin' . . .
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    Cassettes, again: Nakamichi LX-5

    I do love those multicolored buttons. The Tascams that I had were like the Teac that you pictured. Very robust decks. Sorry to hear about your performance recordings. That’s a shame.
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    Happy Birthday Marantzfan

    Happy b-day!
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    Happy Birthday Redboy

    Happy day, young dude. 👍
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    Thorens TD134. This will be fun!

    While we’re kicking around Thorens model numbers, may I throw in a 121?
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    Cassettes, again: Nakamichi LX-5

    Way nice, PM. At one time, I was rolling pretty deep in decent cassette decks. In the late aughts, my Austin suburbs turned up at least three Tascam 122s, a pretty nice Sony, and very sweet Tandberg 3014A. From today's vantage point, I should have kept the Tandberg, but whatareyagonnado . . .
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    Cassettes, again: Nakamichi LX-5

    You should get a deck! But if you don't, I'll take that Angel Olsen. (Kidding, though I remember you telling me about buying that tape. No doubt she's a big deal now, but I love the early albums the most. "The Waiting"--I mean, c'mon.) I'm with you, John. Some of these tapes are also dubs and...
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    Cassettes, again: Nakamichi LX-5

    Guess I've been thinking about cassettes more and more after seeing one of the vids from John DeVore's YouTube channel. He spends a few minutes showing different tapes--from shows that he recorded, from bands he was in--and talking about their appeal. It isn't an argument for fidelity so much as...
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    Altec project...near completion

    I like 'em!
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    Magic moments.

    Looks great, John. Glad you got the Merrill up and running again.
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    Gates CB-500. Big.

    Yep, both sides. Thanks for the tip. 👍
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    Gates CB-500. Big.

    Thanks for the description! Guess I need to get to work. Karmadon, right? I hope that he's still making them. I need a couple. . . Do the CB77 and the CB500 share the linkages that you describe?