Feb 24, 1958 (Age: 62)
South of PunkerX and DC. East of Olson.


Heathkit Legatto AS-21 speakers * Emilar Bowtie horns (Altec 802D drivers) alt w/ Altec 32A horns* DIY crossovers * Luminous Audio speaker cables * DIY Radiotron 2A3/300B mono-blocks * DIY fine silver wire VH Audio interconnects * Blue Jeans Interconnects * Cary SLP-98 F1 preamp * K&K Maxxed-Out phono stage * Salectric/IzzyWizzy Phono stage * Arcam CD spinner * VPI TNT TT mk-6 w/ SDS, aluminum platter and Terminator T-3 Tonearm * Ortofon Per Windfeld * Thorens TD-124 * 12" Shick Tonearm * SoundSmith Paua.

Salk HT-2TLs * Canare Quad 4 DIY speaker cables * Bob Latino ST-120 Power amp * Grover Huffman interconnects * Cary SLP-98 F1 preamp * DIY RJM Emerald phono stage * TNT mk-3.5 TT with sapphire bearing and heavy platter * SME-V tonearm * Benz Glider SH.