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  1. matteos

    Schiit Yggy - Garage Stock

    I just bought a Schiit Yggy off of the 'gon and was awaiting its arrival before I thought I'd share my opinions... But as I was looking on their website for a headphone amp to go with my modi multibit that will be going on headphone PC duty I noticed they were selling a "Garage version" of the...
  2. matteos

    New headphones

    Not a lot audio wise has happened for me in a few years. I’ve just been very happy with what I have. Anyway I find I’ve been listening more to headphones due to having a 1 year old and not wanting to wake her up late at night. just got myself a pair of monoprice M565 planar headphones from...
  3. matteos

    PRO-JECT BOX RS - Yay or Nay?

    Project Phono Box RS Currently I am using the phono stage in my PrimaLuna Prologue 3 which I do enjoy. But I have a line on one of these for a pretty good price. If I get it I will be using it with a very low output Denon DL-S1. Anybody heard one of these units? Is it worth upgrading too...
  4. matteos

    Turntable isolation

    Over the last couple of weeks after some extensive reading I've done some turntable isolation following the advice of Barry Diament - who is a sound engineer. The gist of it is that you do it in two stages. The first is an air bearing. You slightly inflate an inner tube and place it under the...
  5. matteos

    Storing Vinyl

    I know for most the Ikea Kallax is basically the first and last stop for storing vinyl. Which makes a lot of sense for big record collections. But I have seen a couple of things that I kind of like over this. First there is this Walnut record box, which is absolutely beautiful. But at $300 a...
  6. matteos

    Hello all!

    Greetings from L.A! Nice to find this site! I recognize quite a few names here... Nice to find a place to discuss audio where it seems things aren't so serious.